Introduction to Video Editing

SSC 449:  Food and the Body

February 9, 2014


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Video Blog Post Requirements:

  • Between 90-120 Seconds

  • Video That You Recorded Yourself

  • A Voiceover

  • Music

  • Pans of a Still Image

Writing a Script

Shooting Video with Your Smartphone

Tips for Recording Voiceovers

  • Read from a script or bullet points.

  • If you mess up, just CLAP!

  • Use a good microphone if you have access to one--if not, find a quiet place and just use your computer's internal microphone.

  • Keep a good distance from the mic.

  • Speak normally and in an engaging manner.


iMovie Voiceovers


Resources for Music

Pans of a Still Image OR The Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns Effect