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July 22nd, 2019

I’m Leah

I carry around tools that help people define and find solutions to problems.



Service design

approach for designing services front to back, side to side and across every channel.


intentional solution to a problem within a set of constraints.

Side to side

The situations and motivations of people

  • what they need to do
  • why they need to do those things
  • how they enter a service
  • how they experience a service
  • how they exit a service

Front to back

The situations and motivations of the business

  • back end systems
  • supporting policies
  • business needs
  • front facing elements
  • organisational structure

Across every channel

  • face to face
  • telephone
  • online
  • post

Explore and discover

Define and imagine

Test and implement

Service design is...

...not magic and service designers are not unicorns.

...a good option to start exploring what participation means for you.

...not something that's done for you.

...something I want to talk to you about.

Designing services with people

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Designing services with people

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