ALISS User Research

May-September 2019

Leah Lockhart

Wojtek Kutyla

Independent User Researchers

We want to understand the motivations people have to find information about community based groups, services and activities and the situations they're in when they're looking for that information.

We believe that services only work well if they are designed around the people that need to use them.

  • Ensure people are at the centre, that their voices, expertise and rights drive policy and sit at the heart of design, delivery and improvement of support and services;


  • Support transformational change, towards approaches that work with individual and community assets, helping people to stay well, supporting human rights, self management, co-production and independent living;


  • Champion and support the third sector as a vital strategic and delivery partner and foster better cross-sector understanding and partnership.

Our approach is in line with The ALLIANCE's core aims:

What we'll be doing

Phase 1: User Research

  • Establishing operations- making sure the conditions are right for safe and ethical research


  • Recruitment- finding the right people to do research with


  • Gathering insights for ALISS from what people tell us

What we'll be doing

Phase 2: User-centric training

  • Focusing on ResearchOps- creating the conditions for a safe and ethical internal research function


  • Widening understanding of the basics of service design and user experience methodologies


  • Detailing methods of user research that can be adapted into practice for ALISS's context

We are not

Carrying out satisfaction surveys or consultation meetings


Doing ALISS user experience testing


Promoting ALISS




We are

Seeking to understand the needs and behaviours of people who look for information about community based organisations, activities and services


Discover if ALISS is currently meeting those needs


Imagine possible futures for ALISS




Want to know more and take part?


Let's talk!

ALISS User Research introduction

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ALISS User Research introduction

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