We believe God moved into our neighborhood and befriended us while we were still God's enemies.


Reconciliation begins when we attempt to model God's self-sacrificial love, demonstrated in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ.


The values we encourage you to embrace tonight include...

Treasonous Friendship

We will not permit personal or communal loyalties to ideology, labels, or tribes to prevent us from befriending each other.

Offensive Sanctuary

We will not exclude anyone from the table or from the conversation, no matter how inglorious their presence may be.

Conflicted Conviction

We will not trample over or ridicule each other's beliefs, even though they make us wildly uncomfortable.

Obstinate Loyalty:

We will not give up on or dismiss each other, no matter how angry a conversation may make us.

Narrative Honesty:

We will not shy away from honoring truth wherever it is found.

Insolent Kindness:

We will not fail to be good to each other, always honoring the dignity and inherent worth of every human being.

Subversive Listening:

We will not ignore or invalidate each other's stories, knowing that to listen is to invite change in the world's systems and in ourselves.

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