First look at 

Angular Slice

a new visual bootstrapping tool for ng2 

Attila Olah

The obligatory first slide

Hi there!

I am Attila,

I am working at Budacode as a developer,

you can contact me on Twitter via 

The "problem"

Flow of bootstrapping an application: 

1, Get the design

2, Plan your architecture, split the app into components

3, Create the files (repetitive and boring, typos)

But wait we have ng-cli right? 

Yes but its still a pain to enter all the commands

The ideal way

Flow of bootstrapping an application: 

1, Get the design

2, Load it into ngSlice and slice your app into components

3, Export it

4, You are done, be happy

Is it ready? 

We are really wanted to come up here and say,
we are at Beta. We're not quiet there.
                                                                ~ Brad Green


What holds the future? 

- Primary goal is hitting Beta before the end of the month

- Documentation, roadmap, open discussion

What holds the future? 





dependency injection


inline editor

Ionic support

extracting the generator interface

support more language dialect (pug, less, etc)

NativeScript support

The Community is already incredible

- More than 150 subscriber to our ngSlice mail list 

- 3 feature already merges based on early testers feedback

Awesome!  The team is enjoying the early preview of the tool by the way.

                                                ~ Stephen Fluin from Google

Help us making ngSlice the next member of the Angular family

Get involved

Thank you! Questions?

Angular Slice @ AngularCamp

By magyarsrac

Angular Slice @ AngularCamp

Our first public talk Angular Slice a bootstrapping tool for Angular 2 which allows you to create the bone of your application from your design.

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