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  • Scary Looking Penis Bumps Might Be Lichen Planus

    Penis bumps are generally unwanted, but sometimes unavoidable. Men with good hygiene practices may still get penis bumps from something known as lichen planus.

  • Anemia May Derail Penis Function

    A man’s penis function is critical for enjoyment of sexual activities. Sometimes anemia can have a negative impact on this function, necessitating treatment.

  • Four Reasons to Take Discolored Penile Skin Very Seriously

    It’s easy for a man to dismiss an oddish hue on his Johnson as just a minor thing that will go away. However, discolored penile skin is nothing to shrug off.

  • Premature Ejaculation Fixes: Lidocaine Cream vs. Lidocaine Spray

    Premature ejaculation can be a real downer for a man and his penis. Read on to find out how to get and maintain stronger erections for extended playtime with lidocaine.

  • Are Those Scabies on Your Penis?: What They Are and How to Treat Them

    Feeling a little itchy down below? It could be scabies on your penis! Read on to learn what to look for and how to get rid of it.

  • Penis Problems: Can Exercising Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

    Should men be engaging in more sweat sessions for a more sensitive penis? There are some researchers who sure think so.

  • What’s With Penis Pain When Urinating?

    There are all kinds of penis pain, and that which can occur while urinating can range in its severity. Knowing possible causes can help a man know what to expect.

  • Oral Sex on the Self: A How-to Guide

    Is there any man who doesn’t have a fondness for oral sex? Many have even contemplated performing the act on themselves. This guide can be a starting point for exploring that mission.

  • Male Ejaculation: Everything You Need to Know About Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction

    Does it seem like there’s a lot less confetti after the big event than there used to be? It could be Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction. Read on to learn more.

  • Dry Skin on the Penis? Here Are Six Potential Causes

    Penile skin feeling drier than the Sahara and don’t know why? Keep reading to find out six common causes of dry skin on the penis.

  • Some Important Questions About Penis Health Answered

    Have a bunch of penis health questions and no one to ask? Look no further for answers to 7 critical questions that are important for a healthy penis.

  • Loss of Penis Sensitivity May Cause Delayed Ejaculation

    Delayed ejaculation can be a source of serious concern for a man and to his partners. Maintaining penis sensitivity can help avoid this uncomfortable sexual problem.

  • Dry Penis Skin May Point to More Serious Conditions

    When a man has dry penis skin, the appearance of his favorite organ is not up to snuff. It’s usually easily treated but in some cases may indicate a more serious medical condition.

  • Inflatable Sex Toys: A Few Things to Know

    Using sex toys is a wonderful way to expand one’s horizons sexually. Nowadays, there are even a number of inflatable options available for one’s enjoyment and entertainment.

  • Some Masturbation Tips for Men

    Sometimes, self-love can be a snooze. What’s a man to do? Change it up! Read on for eight masturbation tips for putting more sizzle into self-pleasure.

  • Penis Power Foods: Five Foods for Fertility

    Having trouble with fertility? Start adding these penis power foods into your daily diet for super sperm and lots of libido.

  • Penis Protection: Condoms Are Still Needed

    There are many things that a man must do to practice proper penis protection and keep his equipment in the best possible working order. Wearing condoms when having sex is still one of them.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Penis at College

    Now that college is back in session, tons of men are experiencing a new way of life – but a new way of life still needs to include plans for maintaining a healthy penis.

  • Can Frequent Male Ejaculation Really Prevent Prostate Cancer? A Look at the Facts

    There is some scientific evidence that frequent male ejaculation can prevent prostate cancer, but is it as certain as it seems? Let’s take a look at the facts surrounding that infamous study.

  • Sometimes Penis Pain May Suggest Reiter’s Syndrome

    Penis pain can be caused by many different factors, but it can also be a sign of other issues. One such condition is called Reiter’s syndrome.

  • Can a Yeast Infection Cause Penis Pain?

    When there’s a funky, painful party going on in a man’s secret garden, it could be a lot of things, but a yeast infection? Yes, a yeast infection may be causing penis pain, so read on to learn more.

  • Are Those Scabies on Your Penis: What They Are and How to Fix It

    Feeling a little itchy down below? It could be scabies on your penis! Read on to learn what to look for and how to get rid of it.

  • Anhedonic Ejaculation: One of the Most Frustrating Penis Problems

    No man enjoys having penis problems of any sort, but anhedonic ejaculation – in which semen is released without orgasm – can be especially frustrating.

  • Penis Odor May Mean Liver Is Not Working Right

    The liver is one of the most important organs in the entire body – but most people don’t know that in some cases it can be responsible for unwanted penis odor.

  • Do Vampires Have Better Sex? Planning for a Sexy Halloween

    Halloween will be here before we know it, and with it comes a chance to try for even better sex. Halloween themed activities can be fun and hot.

  • Toothpaste and Penis Safety Don’t Mix

    Penis safety should be a concern for most men so they can avoid doing damage to this most precious organ. So why are some men therefore putting toothpaste on their penis?

  • Seven Important Questions about Penis Health Answered

    Have a bunch of penis health questions and no one to ask? Look no further for answers to seven critical questions that are important for a healthy penis.

  • The Frisky Follicle Files: Options for Penis Hair Removal

    To manscape or not to manscape; that is the question. The question is how to do it. Read on for your penis hair removal options and why you should do it in the first place.

  • Penis Health: What’s Light Got to Do With It?

    Many valuable sex tips don’t focus on sexual equipment that much at all. For example, most men don’t realize how important exposure to the sun is for their sexual health.

  • Penis Stickers: What They Are, What They Do, and Why a Man Should Avoid Them

    It’s not your sister’s Lisa Frank variety; these are penis stickers, and they’ve been created to keep ejaculate in instead of projecting out. But do they work, and are they safe? You decide.

  • Penis Health Hacks for a Happy Penis

    When a man’s penis health is high, he is more likely to have a happy penis – and one of the things that makes him happy is being better prepared to perform sexually.

  • Presenting a Small Penis in the Best Light

    Some men have a small penis and are accepting of it as simply a part of their bodies; others feel self-conscious and want to present it in a light that makes it appear bigger.

  • Comparing Strategies for Treating a Bent Penis

    When a man has a severely bent penis, to a degree that is causes discomfort and impede sexual activities, he must investigate strategies for treating it.

  • Dry Penis Woes? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

    Penis feeling like the Sahara in the midst of summer? Well, men who have dry penises listen up – here’s how to turn dry penile skin silky soft.

  • Got Penis Problems? Here are Five Habits to Kick to Improve Penis Health

    What’s a man to do when his penis starts acting wonky? Take a look at his habits and see if they are detrimental to his penis health, that’s what.

  • Diabetes Can Be a Penis Function Factor

    Penis function is crucial for every man’s successful sex life, and so he should take steps to ensure its protection. Diabetes is one issue which can negatively impact penis function.

  • Sex Tips: Look to the Light

    Many valuable sex tips don’t focus on sexual equipment that much at all. For example, most men don’t realize how important exposure to the sun is for their sexual health.

  • Intertrigo Can Mean an Itchy Penis

    Giving in to an itchy penis can be embarrassing and demeaning, so preventing the itch from happening at all is best. Intertrigo is one of the less common causes of an itchy penis.

  • Penis Chafing: Prevention

    Penis chafing can be a major annoyance, and can create penis skin with an unpleasant and off-putting appearance. Taking some simple prevention steps can keep this problem away.

  • 5 Things Your Penis is Telling You About Your Health

    Trouble below the belt may be a warning signal that something else is going on. Let’s look at five things your penis may be highlighting about your health.

  • Some Penis Problems Can Tell a Man Some Things About Himself

    Can a penis magically tell a man what’s going on in his body? Read on to find out if penis problems can predict a man’s overall health.

  • Pornography Could Encourage Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is one of the banes of a man’s existence and something he wants to avoid. Some people think pornography causes it, but a new study disagrees.

  • Some Indicators That You’re Addicted to Masturbating

    Do you think your masturbation habit is out of control? Here are three ways a man can tell if he’s addicted to masturbating.

  • Here Are Some Ways to Get a Fresh, Handsome Penis

    What makes a handsome penis? Here are five things that definitely take a penis from blah to beautiful.

  • Fabry Disease May Produce Penis Bumps

    Penis bumps can cause consternation or panic in a man if he doesn’t know the cause. One rare cause is the genetic disorder known as Fabry disease.

  • Some Sure-Fire Strategies to Straighten Up Weak Erections

    Weak erections can really ruin a Friday night (and every other night of the week). Learn how to get erectile function up with these seven strategies to summon the soldier.

  • Regular Cycling Can Cause a Loss of Sensation in the Penis

    Cycling is a great way to get regular exercise; however, can it cause a loss of sensation in the penis? Read on to get the answer.

  • ADHD and Its Impact on Sexual Health

    An adult man with ADHD may have some special challenges, and some of these can be in the area of sexual health. For some with ADHD, hypersexuality is an issue.

  • Looking at Tweets and Penis Function

    Some guys start their daily string of tweets when they first get up, some later in the day. But what can this obsession with social media tell us about challenges of penis function?

  • The Lowdown on Penis Supplements: Three Ways to Get a Stronger Penis

    Penis supplements are everywhere, but do they work? Let’s look at three different classes of penis supplements and what they do.

  • Sex Tips for Hefty He-Men

    Sex tips come in handy for men of all sizes and persuasions, including those whose bodies may be classified as hefty. Overweight men can be prepared for special sex challenges.

  • Masturbation Might Benefit Your Career

    Masturbation is a fun activity, one that many men engage in daily. It has some very good benefits; now one study indicates that it could be helpful in one’s career.

  • Penis Odor and Sweat: Not a Beautiful Relationship

    Penis odor from excess sweat can be a big problem –and often is for far too many men. It would behoove them to take simple steps to help keep penis odor at bay.

  • Penis Power Food: What to Eat for a Wiley Willy

    Looking for a little more va-va-va-voom downstairs? Consider implementing this penis power food plan to improve penis health and happiness.

  • Do X-Rays Lead to a Red Penis?

    A healthy red penis is a desirable thing, but a raw or burned red penis is not. Many men wonder if exposure to x-rays can cause a red penis?

  • Autumn Leaves and Penis Skin

    With the change of season from summer to autumn, there can be some penis skin issues that arrive with the drier weather. These tips can help keep the skin looking attractive and appealing.

  • Keep Penis Health in Mind When Choosing Underwear

    It’s only natural that men should pay attention to their penis health. In addition to eating right and getting enough sleep, choosing the right underwear can play a role in keeping the organ healthy.

  • Can Botox Change Penis Size?

    Whether looking in the mirror or comparing himself at the gym, penis size can be an issue of concern to many men. Some may be tempted to use botox to change their size.

  • Itchy Penis: 5 Non-STI Reasons a Man May Suffer from Penis Itching

    There are few things more embarrassing than a man getting caught with his hands all over his naughty bits, but an itchy penis leaves no room for shame. Learn what may be causing penis itching and how to stop it.

  • 10 Reasons Masturbation Is Good for a Man’s Health

    While old wives’ tales would say otherwise, masturbation is good for men in a lot of ways. Here’s ten reasons to love the one you’re with.

  • Masturbation Techniques to Try Tonight

    Tired of the same ol’ choke the chicken? Here are a few masturbation techniques any and every penis can benefit from.

  • Penis Pain From Rare Ossification

    Intense penis pain is not ideal for any man, no matter the cause. It can occur with penile ossification, a rare condition in which bone forms in the penis.

  • Post-Sex Penis Care: Dos and Don’ts for a Healthy Penis

    Now that the loving is over, how does a man deal with the hazmat situation that is his genitals? Here’s the DL on post-sex penis care—all the things to do and all the things to avoid.

  • Semen Retention Can Affect Penis Health

    Every man should pay attention to his penis health, and that includes issues affecting semen production or use. Does semen retention make a big difference, as some suggest?

  • Five Causes of Weak Erections and How to Take Back Control

    A weak erection can be a man’s worst nightmare. Here are some common causes that can result in a weak erection and how to overcome and deal with it.

  • 5 Medical Issues Which May Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects over half of the male population at some point in their lives. Here’s a few medical issues to watch out for that may increase a man’s risk.

  • Penis Rash or Petechiae?

    When a nasty penis rash appears, willing partners may disappear. One unusual penis rash is actually petechiae, which occurs when tiny capillaries burst and cause bleeding or bruising.

  • Keep Sex Life Happy by Maintaining Penis Sensitivity

    One of the keys to a happy sex life is maintaining proper penis sensitivity. Knowing causes of desensitization can aid one in what to do in this case.

  • How to Sensitize Your Penis: 5 Surefire Tips!

    If a man is dealing with a desensitized penis, he may feel like there’s no hope. However, that’s not the case. Read on to learn five ways to sensitize your penis.

  • What to Do for Broken Penis Pain

    If it’s not a bone, how are men experiencing broken penis pain? Let’s talk penis fractures, broken bones, and how to deal with the situation if it happens.

  • Polyamory and the Penis

    Most people think about polyamory only as having to protect one’s feelings. However, the multiple sex partners polyamory can yield requires a more diligent interest in penis health and care.

  • Let’s Talk About Penis Sensitivity—How to Keep It, That Is

    Penis no longer stirring at the sight of thigh highs and heels? It could be issues with penis sensitivity. Read up to learn more about it and how to keep and improve penis sensitivity.

  • Blue Balls Is Real…But So Not a Big Deal

    Blue balls, is it a thing? Yeah, but guys need to stop over-reacting. Here’s the truth about that blue balls myth.

  • How to Treat and Prevent Sweat Rash on the Penis

    Rashes are no fun. Getting a sweat rash on the penis is no fun times a thousand. Let’s talk about how to treat and prevent a sweat rash on the penis.

  • Everything a Man Needs to Know About Pearling

    It’s the newest old body modification on the scene. It’s pearling, and here’s the info on this Yakuza-approved bod mod.

  • Common Penis Disorders Every Man Should Know About

    The more you know, the more you grow – that’s what they say, right? Well, if a man wants his penis to keep growing, he definitely needs to know about five common penis disorders so he can keep his penis happy and healthy.

  • How to Improve Penis Skin: 8 Easy Tips for Healthy Penis Skin

    Skin is the largest organ on the human body and keeping it healthy is a big deal. However, most men overlook one place. Let’s fix that. Here’s a primer on how to improve penis skin and keep it like that forever.

  • Stretch Marks on Your Penis? Here’s the What, Why, and How to Fix It

    Looking down below and seeing some squigglies on your soldier? You probably have stretch marks on your penis. Here’s the scoop on penile stretch marks.

  • Smash that Penis Rash: How to Stop Scratching and Start Healing

    What’s red, and itchy, and a pain in the genitals? Why, a penis rash of course! Here’s the down low on what’s causing that rash on the penis and how to get better fast.

  • Say No to Penis Chafing: What to Use When the Lube Runs Out

    Out of lube and still want to have fun? Here are some lube alternatives to try to keep penis chafing at bay while getting busy.

  • Sex Tips: Thinking Outside the Bedroom

    So many sex tips seem to focus on physical equipment, especially where men are concerned. But there’s more to sex, including exploring location possibilities beyond the bedroom.

  • Turtleneck vs Crewneck: Is Circumcision Necessary Today?

    There’s a lot of conversation around foreskin these days; specifically, is circumcision necessary in this day and age? Let’s unpack circumcision and see if it’s a good practice or unnecessary and a little too “extra.”

  • Penis Pump Beginners: Avoid a Sore Penis

    Using a penis pump can help a man achieve an erection, and some think it adds to penis size as well. But it can sometimes also result in a sore penis.

  • Some Medications Might Impact Penis Function

    Penis function is very important to a man (and to their sexual partners), so avoiding things that can negatively impact it is important. That may include some medications.

  • Masturbation or a Nap: Work Choices

    Nowadays, it’s not unusual for some workers to take a nap at work as a way of recharging. But some men may opt for masturbation as a faster (and funner) way to revitalize.

  • Strategies for a Handsome Penis

    No man wants an unattractive penis – nor does his partner. Maintaining a healthy, handsome penis doesn’t happen by itself; some strategies are required to achieve desired results.

  • Ouch! Kidney Stones Can Create a Sore Penis

    The pain associated with kidney stones is legendary – and very real. Depending on where a stone is lodged, it can cause a very sore penis as well as pain elsewhere.

  • Penile Atrophy 101: Everything a Man Should Know About Penis Shrinkage

    “Penis atrophy” are words no man wants to hear or be the holder of, just by the sound alone. However, what is penile atrophy, and how can a man fix or prevent it? We uncover the details. Read on.

  • Kama Sutra Techniques To Heat Up Any Sex Life

    If there’s anything that can bring a sex life back to habanero status, it’s the Kama Sutra. Add one or more of these Kama Sutra techniques to the same ol’ Tuesday night tango to infuse intimacy with more heat.

  • Banish Smelly Penis: 8 Ways to Make a Penis Smell Fresh

    Got a smelly penis? Here’s eight ways to make a man’s penis smell fresh.

  • Hives Could Be the Cause of Penis Bumps

    Hives are unsightly welts that can vary in size and appear in groups, often very large ones. They appear as penis bumps when on the manhood.

  • Folliculitis Can Cause Itchy Penis Problems

    When a man has folliculitis in the midsection, it can lead to a very itchy penis. These red, raised bumps are also unattractive and likely to scare away potential partners.

  • Male Masturbation Can Affect Intimate Relationships

    Masturbation is a totally healthy activity men should participate in, but how does it affect intimate relationships? Is it helpful or harmful? Let’s find out.

  • Some Things That Can Cause Painful Urination in Men and How to Fix Them

    Feel like a fire-peeing dragon? Let’s talk about painful urination in men and how to fix it!

  • To Do Today: Put Vitamin E Oil on the Penis for these 6 Major Benefits

    Ready to get natural when it comes to penis health? There’s tons of reasons why a man should be putting vitamin e oil on his penis.

  • Itchy Penis with No Rash? Check Medications

    When an itchy penis strikes a man, especially if a noticeable penis rash is absent, it’s possible that medications may be responsible. But is eliminating the itch worth switching medications?

  • Clothing and Diet Tips to Fight Penis Odor

    No matter how handsome the member, penis odor can turn off a potential partner. Sometimes clothing and diet choices can help reduce this common men’s problem.

  • Why and How to Stop the Stink of a Fishy-Smelling Penis

    Somebody leave a dead mackerel under the bed? Nope – It’s just a fishy-smelling penis. Let’s talk about how to get rid of a peen from under the sea.

  • Genetic Condition Could Cause Dry Penis Skin

    When a man has dry penis skin, his entire organ can have an unappealing, off-putting look. Sometimes the cause can be a genetic condition such as ichthyosis vulgaris.

  • Avoid DIY Jock Itch Remedies

    When jock itch strikes, the need to scratch can make it hard for a guy to keep his hands out of his pants. He may be tempted by home remedies but should think again.

  • What Every Man Needs to Know About Sexual Health

    What does sexual health mean, and how can a man ensure he’s in prime shape?

  • Penis Problems and Some Solutions

    There can be any number of penis problems in a man’s life. Some require complicated solutions, but others are relatively easy to treat. When in doubt, see a doctor.

  • Penis Rash from Bowenoid Papulosis

    There are any number of things that can cause a penis rash, ranging from benign to serious. One of the more obscure causes is something called Bowenoid papulosis.

  • 5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019

    Plain old doggy style is so yesterday. Instead, try the hottest sex positions trending in 2019 to boost a man’s lover level.

  • The Healthy Penis Diet: Foods for a Better Sex Life

    What a man eats can affect his body and his performance in the bedroom. Check out this healthy penis diet for the foods men should eat for a better sex life.

  • 5 Facts and 5 Fixes for Men with Genital Warts

    It sends shocks through every man when he reaches down into his pants and fells a small cluster of tiny, raised bumps on his penis. Is it genital warts or something else?

  • Summertime Masturbation Hacks

    Masturbation is by no means a strictly seasonal activity. But this year-round pleasure fpastime may require some special considerations during the hot, sweaty summer months.

  • Penis Size: Avoiding Shrinkage

    Most men in modern society are very aware of their penis size and want to make sure that no shrinkage occurs in that area. Yet sometimes penis size does diminish over time.

  • Small Penis Humiliation: A Few Facts

    Surprisingly, the actual real-life size of a man’s penis does not reveal whether he might revel in small penis humiliation. The facts reveal a different picture.

  • Free Radicals and Penis Skin Don’t Mix

    Healthy penis skin makes a man’s equipment look much more appealing to a partner, so preventing damage from excess free radicals is key.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Psoriasis, Anxiety and Depression as Factors

    Men really don’t want to be confronted with erectile dysfunction issues, and with good reason. Surprisingly, sometimes psoriasis may bring about erectile dysfunction.

  • Don’t Ignore These Eight Penis Problems

    A man should really get to know his johnson for ultimate penis health. This includes staying cognizant of penis problems and knowing how to identify or prevent them.

  • Excess Alcohol May Mean Excess Penis Odor

    There are many things that can cause or contribute to unwanted and persistent penis odor. Too much alcohol can be one of these factors.

  • Foods for a Very Healthy Penis

    Fire up that shopping cart! It’s time to add these seven foods to the weekly shopping list for a healthy penis.

  • Reasons Your Penis Is Sore After Sex

    Achy penis after getting wild in the sack? Here are a few reasons your penis is sore after sex.

  • Delayed Ejaculation: A Penis Function Issue Needing More Study

    There can be any number of penis function issues which can develop for a man. Delayed ejaculation is one of the more rare ones but also one of the more frustrating.

  • Circumcision and Penis Sensitivity

    Does a cut member rob a man of penis sensitivity? Find out if circumcision can make a man’s willy less responsive.

  • When Penis Bumps Are Just Lymphoceles

    Penis bumps come in all shapes and sizes and are the result of many different causes. Sometimes these bumps are lymphoceles, unattractive but basically harmless.

  • Is a Sore Penis Inevitable with a Masturbation Marathon?

    No guy likes a sore penis, the presence of which can really put a damper on his bedtime activities. But a sore penis is likely to occur if he is participating in a masturbation marathon.

  • Ingrown Hair on the Penis 101: What, Why, and How to Get Rid of Them

    Seeing red bumps in the love zone? It may be ingrown hairs on the penis. Read on to learn how to treat and prevent them.

  • Experiencing Painful Urination? 6 Non-STI Causes of Pain During Urination

    Painful urination can make a man feel like there’s a four-alarm fire in his pants. Here’s a few common causes and how to treat the burn.

  • What Every Man Needs to Know about Man 1 Man Oil

    There’s a lotion or potion for everything; however, what’s hype and what’s really a self-care must? Let’s talk about why men need to use Man 1 Man Oil.

  • What’s Causing Skin Peeling on the Penis and How to Stop the Peel ASAP

    He may feel it before he sees it, but encountering peeling penile skin is something no man wants to face. Here’s the 411 on why skin is peeling on the penis and how to fix it, stat!

  • Into Kink? Ensure Penis Health by Telling Doctor

    Many men incorporate some form of kink into their sex play and sex lives nowadays. But they may still be hesitant to tell their doctors about this, despite its possible impact on penis health.

  • Penis Rash: Sign of HIV?

    Men definitely want to avoid a sexually-transmitted infection, including the dreaded HIV. In some cases, the presence of a particular penis rash can signal that a man has contracted HIV.

  • Penis Odor Fixes: Things to Do

    Men, penis odor is one of the most common complaints from sexual partners. Paying attention to some simple fixes can help to reduce the common problem in most men.

  • Gallstones Associated with Erectile Dysfunction Risk

    Men want to avoid erectile dysfunction at all costs. Interestingly, a recent study indicates that gallstones may play a role in raising the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

  • Semen 101: Everything a Man Needs to Know about His Ejaculate

    Many men don’t know what semen is and even more may be a little off on what this reproductive juice is made of. Here’s everything a man needs to know about semen.

  • Penis Vitamin Cream: What is it, Why a Man Should Use it, and What it Should Include.

    There’s a lot of hype in the penis vitamin cream space and for good reason. Let’s break down everything there is to know about penis vitamin cream and if it really results in a healthy penis.

  • Penis Bumps from Seborrheic Keratosis Are Benign

    The most attractive penis may lose points from a partner if it sports some unwanted penis bumps, such as those that can be caused by seborrheic keratosis.

  • Pollution Might Influence Erectile Dysfunction

    Although erectile dysfunction is a common issue for many men, it’s one that most men wish to avoid. A study suggests that exposure to pollution can increase risk of this problem.

  • Causes and Cures for an Unwanted Erection

    Feeling like a 13-year-old all over again because unwanted erections keep popping up at bad times?

  • The Debate: Does Penis Size Really Matter or Is There Something Else More Important?

    How much does penis size really matter? Is a man judged more by the motion in the ocean or the size of the boat? Experts and intimate partners weigh in.

  • Morning Wood 101: Sleep Erections and the Morning After

    Yawn, stretch, exhale. As a man rises after a fitful sleep, he looks down and notices something else has risen too and wonders why. Read on to learn everything there is to know about sleep erections.

  • The Kamasutra: 5 Positions to Avoid for Penis Safety

    Just hearing the mention of Kamasutra conjures up images of racy, acrobatic sex positions; however, not every position is possible for every partnership and can be downright dangerous for a penis. Read on to discover the five Kamasutra positions to avoid or at least be wary of trying.

  • Hypnotherapy and Erectile Dysfunction: Savior or Snake Oil?

    Erectile dysfunction is a commonly known issue many men have over the course of their lifetime. Could hypnotherapy be the answer to this penis problem?

  • The Physiology of an Erection: How it Works and How to Keep Em Coming

    Ever wondered just how an erection happens? Well, read this physiology of an erection article to find out.

  • What’s Causes Dry Patches on the Penis and How to Cope

    The body often experiences dry patches which are quite normal. However, when dry patches on the penis show up, they can cause a lot of anxiety. Let’s talk about what could cause a dry patch on the penis.

  • Penis Function: 5 Tips for Increasing Semen Volume

    Although not always thought of as a penis function issue, increasing semen volume production is a goal for many men. Ejaculating a larger amount of semen can improve a man’s self-esteem sexually.

  • Sex Tips During Pregnancy - for Men

    Men may need sex tips in any number of areas, but they can come in especially handy when talking about men, sex, and pregnancy. Men may need to accommodate changes during this period.

  • How to Get a Smooth Penis: What a Man Should and Shouldn’t Do for a Velveteen Penis

    Wondering how to get a smooth penis and why it’s a good thing to have? Here are all the benefits of having a smooth penis and, more importantly, how to get it!

  • Manscaping for a Handsome Penis

    Who doesn’t want to have a handsome penis to present to one’s partners? There are various ways to improve one’s penile looks, and manscaping of the surrounding area is one such method.

  • Can Masturbation Cause ED?

    Say it ain’t so; can masturbation cause ED? Let’s look at this common masturbation myth and see if erectile dysfunction can really be caused by a little stroking the snake.

  • Penis Protection for the Summer: Useful Tips

    Proper penis protection is needed at all times of the year. In the summer, men may need to take special steps due to the sunlight and excess heat.

  • Penis Rejuvenation Treatments: Do They Really Work?

    There’s a lot of talk about penis rejuvenation these days. Let’s take a lot at the P-Shot procedure some men say have successfully rejuvenated their penis.

  • If Your Penis Is Calling in Weak, Here Are Seven Tips for a Stronger Erection

    Feel like your penis has ADD? It’s not rising when called or can’t stay up for too long? Fear no more, here are seven tips for a stronger erection.

  • Penis Function Issue: About Retrograde Ejaculation

    Maintaining appropriate penis function is a laudable goal. One function issue that is rare is retrograde ejaculation, in which semen is diverted away from the penis.

  • Approved Treatment May Help Bent Penis

    While some curvature of the penis is not unusual, a severely bent penis may cause pain or interfere with proper functioning. Treatment may be necessary to correct the bend.

  • Bent Penis Problems: A New Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease Shows Promise

    Some men have a curve in their penis, but others may have a more significant bend, which can be painful and problematic. Let’s talk about bent penis problems and the latest treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

  • Naked Yoga: A Handsome Penis for Downward Facing Dog

    Every guy wants to have a handsome penis as a matter of course, but some may feel it is especially necessary when the package will be on display during a naked yoga class.

  • Summer Penis Affects Penis Size

    Many men are very concerned about their penis size, willing to do almost anything to gain a little in this area. For them, the idea of a summer penis should be very attractive.

  • Some Less-Scary Causes of a Discolored Penis

    Red, blue, and purple – oh my! When a man sees a new hue on his mister, it can be scary. However, just take a breath and consider the eight less-scary causes of a discolored penis.

  • Iron Deficiency Can Cause Itchy Penis

    When a man has an itchy penis, the possible causes are numerous. One such cause, iron deficiency, often is due to a lack of iron-rich foods in the diet.

  • Masturbation Myths Debunked

    Whether it’s the threat of hairy hands or the fear of health problems, many men wonder if masturbation myths are true. Let’s debunk the four most common masturbation myths.

  • Obesity and Sexual Health

    Although we live in a society obsessed with weight and the obesity epidemic, there is one side effect of obesity that is rarely discussed: sexual health. Let’s break the silence on male obesity as it relates to sexual health.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: What It Is and How Doctors Diagnose It

    Ever wondered what’s considered erectile dysfunction and how doctors can confirm that a man has it? Read up for this very common penis problem.

  • Got Penis Pain? Here’s a Guide for When to Call the Doc and When to Just DIY

    The throb of penis pain should not be ignored, but is it serious? Use this guide to know when to head to the doctor or when to save a co-pay and practice a little DIY.

  • Penis Protection and Oral Sex

    Is there a man alive who doesn’t perk up at the thought of a little oral sex? Still, while this is a favorite activity, men still need to consider penis protection when indulging.

  • Erect Penis Benefit: A Better Memory?

    An erect penis is usually involved in sexual activity. Now there appears to be evidence that sexual frequency may have a positive impact on one’s memory.

  • Diet May Impact an Itchy Penis

    When a man is struck by an itchy penis in the middle of a “big moment,” it can be both embarrassing and devastating. Changes in the diet may help with this common issue.

  • Does Pornography Damage the Erect Penis?

    With the abundance of pornography available online, some men worry over claims that viewing pornography can bring about erect penis problems. A new study looks at this issue.

  • The Aging Penis and “Manopause”: What Every Man Needs to Know

    As testosterone decreases and age increases, the scrappy, frat-boy penis of younger years evolves into the elegant aging penis. For some men, this means male menopause, but is that really a thing?

  • A Masturbation Club: What to Expect

    Although masturbation is most often thought of a something a man does all alone, many locations do boast a club or two where people can gather to celebrate themselves with others.

  • What to Look for in a Penis Health Cream

    There’s a lot of talk about penis health creams today, and the market is overrun with them. In that spirit, let’s talk about the ten things men should look for in a penis health cream to make sure they have a happy, healthy penis.

  • Proper Care for Penis Skin

    Maintaining handsome penis skin makes a man’s penis much more attractive to partners and potential partners. Proper penis skin care requires paying attention to basics.

  • Irritated Penis Skin

    Men like to think they’re pretty tough, but they can actually be quite sensitive when it comes to irritated penis skin. Let’s look at penis irritation: what causes it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it in the first place.

  • Fishy-Smelling Penis

    Nothing ruins the romance like a fishy-smelling penis. After a partner cuts bait and heads for the door, get to the bottom of that foul, smelly penis with this article.

  • Sometimes Penis Bumps Signify Herpes

    No one wants to come down with a sexually transmitted disease, but many people acquire genital herpes every year. Penis bumps are sometimes a sign of this infection.

  • Penis Odor from Hyperthyroidism

    No man wants to be known for the penis odor that attacks when his trousers are dropped. Hyperthyroidism can sometimes be one cause of excessive and strong penis odor.

  • Penis Rash Can Come from Sex Toys

    No matter how well formed and expertly sculpted it may be, a penis rash can mar a handsome member. Sometimes sex toys might bring about a penis rash.

  • Delayed Ejaculation: Handling This Penis Function Issue

    There can be many problems associated with penis function, one of which is delayed ejaculation. As the name implies, it means a man does not ejaculate when he wishes to.

  • Strengthening the Erect Penis Throughout the Day

    A good healthy erect penis is a source of pride and pleasure for a man. Maintaining penis health throughout the day can help make such erections more viable.

  • Smart Hydration Saves Dry Penis Skin

    When a man has dry penis skin, his member does not have the impressive look and shine that can be alluring to a partner. Better hydration is required to alleviate this problem.

  • Women’s Preferred Penis Size: It’s Complicated

    If she says there isn’t one, she’s fibbing. Women’s preferred penis size may surprise you; in fact, it’s more about an individual woman’s ideal penis than a national average.

  • Five Common Questions about Penis Health Creme Answered

    Is penis health creme something a man should invest in? If so, what kind? This article answers those questions and few more critical questions about penis creme.

  • Sore Penis After Sex? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

    Like John “Cougar” Mellencamp sang, “It hurts so good.” Sometimes sexual activity can yield a very sore member. Let’s talk about why that happens and how to fix it.

  • Five Dangerous Causes of Blisters on the Penis and How to Treat Them

    Blisters are no fun on a foot. They are especially no Bueno on a penis! Blisters on the penis can be no big deal in some cases, but in others, they can be deadly. Keep reading to learn about the dark side of penis blisters.

  • Low Sex Drive in Men: Why it Happens and What to Do

    Low sex drive in men is a common side effect of aging, but it doesn’t have to spell the end of a healthy sex life. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Masturbation: Your Number-One Stress Management Technique

    It’s no secret that men engage in masturbation for purely sensual reasons, but it is also a very fine way to help manage stress levels.

  • Penis Odor: The Underwear Connection

    There are many factors which can contribute to a persistent and unappealing penis odor situation in a man. Choice of underwear is one that can have an impact.

  • Penis Bumps May Be from Manscaping

    Manscaping can really clean up a guy’s appearance down below, but in some cases penis bumps may result. These are often due to ingrown hairs in the area.

  • Penis Rash Caused by Tinea Versicolor

    A man wants to present a handsome penis to his admiring public, but one that is covered in a penis rash makes that difficult. If tinea versicolor is the cause, he can get proper treatment.

  • Penis Facts and Fiction

    There are numerous penis facts which turn out to be more fiction than fact – and they don’t all deal just with size or ways to make the penis bigger.

  • Everything a Man Ever Wanted to Know About Male Ejaculation

    Way more goes into male ejaculation that one might think. Let’s talk about what it takes for men to climax.

  • Penis Protection for the Winter Nudist

    The male nudist knows that he needs to practice proper penis protection when enjoying his nude activities. This is especially true during the bitter cold winter months.

  • Five Causes of Sore Penis Pain and How to Cope

    Nothing hurts a man quite like penile pain. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of sore penis pain and how to remedy it.

  • How to Get Rid of Penis Odor: 8 Ways that Work

    Nobody likes a stinky penis! Let’s talk about common cause of this social faux pas and how to get rid of penis odor.

  • How to Deal with Stretch Marks on the Penis: Causes and Treatment Measures

    Are stretch marks on a penis a thing? Believe it or not, they are. Read on to find out just how common they are, what causes them, and how to treat and prevent them.

  • Why Lack of Sleep Impacts Penis Health

    Everyone knows that sleep is important, and not enough of it can have serious consequences in a person’s life. One specific area of concern is the impact on penis health. Here’s what we know.

  • Need a New Sex Tip? Move to the Light!

    The easy availability of sex tips on the internet enables men and women to up their sexual knowledge. One tip for guys: get plenty of light during the winter months.

  • Penis Function and Gout Can Be Linked

    In general, men want to take steps to prevent issues which can negatively impact penis function. Sometimes function issues arise due to unusual causes, such as gout.

  • Working with a Wide Penis Size: Tips & Tricks

    Yes, men are often obsessed with penis size, and usually for no reason. But when a man does have a very wide penis, he may need to take steps for its comfortable accommodation.

  • Unwanted Pop-Ups: Disguising an Erect Penis

    At the right time, an erect penis is a man’s best friend. But unwanted “pop-ups” in social or professional situations can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for many a man.

  • Urethritis Can Make a Sore Penis

    When a man has a sore penis, it can get in the way of some of his favorite activities – but can also just make him generally uncomfortable. Urethritis is one potential cause.

  • Penis Health: Keys to a Happier, Healthier Manhood

    Penis health is important for a man’s overall health, because it relates to so many different functions. In fact, the state of the penis can be a barometer of a man’s level of personal wellness. To keep the organ in shape, follow these tips.

  • Male Genital Odor: Where is That Smell Coming From?

    Embarrassing smells emanating from your nether-regions can be a mood-killer. Although it’s common to have a normal male scent, funky smells that are overpowering are never normal and definitely not fun for anyone. Read on to find out a few common causes of male genital odor and how to eliminate the stench.

  • Masturbation and Prostate Health: Could This Be the Link to Fighting Prostate Cancer?

    There are many ways to avoid prostate cancer – eat healthy, exercise, and reduce stress. However, what if masturbation and prostate health were linked? Read on to discover if more masturbation resulting in ejaculation could decrease a man’s risk of prostate cancer.

  • Erectile Dysfunction 101: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

    It’s the sexual situation no man really wants to talk about; it’s erectile dysfunction. Despite all the commercials on TV, there’s a lot men don’t know about ED. Let’s remedy that now.

  • Andropause is Not a Myth: The Very Real Symptoms of Male Menopause

    Feeling moody, weak, and no the urge to turn the lights down low and get freaky? If so, a man might be feeling some of the symptoms of male menopause. Andropause is no joke – read on to learn more.

  • Smegma 101: What It Is and How to Deal with It

    No more dirty little secrets! It’s time to talk and learn all about symptoms of smegma and find out how to deal and prevent future run-ins with smegma.

  • Itchy Penis: What’s Happening Under Your Boxers

    Itching of the genital area can be a very uncomfortable condition for men. It is embarrassing and usually happens at the most inopportune times. There are a variety of factors that can cause an itchy penis, so be sure to take care of your penis health as best you can.

  • Men’s Sexual Health: Achieving Better Penis Function

    Protecting one’s sexual health is an important aspect of overall wellness. Fortunately, some simple lifestyle tips can help men to keep the spring in their step and the pep in their penis.

  • Does Semen Variation Indicate Penis Problems?

    Taking steps to avoid penis problems helps insure more consistent penis health in a man. Sometimes variations in semen production may make a man question that health.

  • New Year’s Resolution: No Jock Itch

    With the new year underway, it’s good to plan on a resolution or two – and one that targets penis health is quite welcome. A suggestion – vow to keep jock itch at bay.

  • Sex Tips: Getting into Role Playing

    Sex tips can be a valuable way for a couple to keep the flame burning bright when they are snuggling in bed. One option they might wish to explore is sexual role playing.

  • Avoiding Penis Injury from Bruising

    No man wants to experience any kind of penis injury, but penile bruising is a not uncommon occurrence. It can be the result of a variety of causes.

  • How to Rejuvenate the Penis: The Facts on Non-Surgical Penile Rejuvenation

    There are some men who dare to dream about a penis that’s stronger, harder, and bigger. Thankfully for them, science had the same ideas to rejuvenate the penis. Read on to learn more about penis enhancement surgery, an easy procedure that may give a man the dick of his dreams.

  • Using a Sleeve with a Small Penis

    A man with a small penis often feels at a disadvantage, even though skill and health are more important than size. Using a penis sleeve may provide some benefits to such a man.

  • 5 Causes of Bruised Penile Tissue and How to Treat It

    Penis bruising is all too common a malady for men. Let’s break down what causes bruised penile tissue and how to get things back to good.

  • Penis Calluses 101: What To Do When a Man Finds a Callus on His Penis

    Sure, a man can get them on his feet, but his penis? Yep, calluses on the penis are a thing. To learn more, read on.

  • Penile Shrinkage: Causes of and Treatment for a Shortened Penis

    No man wants to look down to find a shortened penis, but the truth is, many men experience some shrinkage over time. Let’s look at potential causes of penile shortening and how to treat this common concern.

  • Penile Oddities: What is Happening to My Junk?

    Like any other part of the body, the penis can develop strange symptoms from time to time. While these are not always an indication of a serious problem, understanding these penile oddities can be reassuring and can help men to decide with their doctors how to treat the problem.

  • Adult Circumcision Before and After

    Adult men who haven’t been circumcised often wonder what the process entails. Let’s examine circumcision before and after to help those men make an educated choice and manage their expectations.

  • Five Man 1 Man Oil Side Effects Men May Not Know About

    There’s a lot of hype out there. Some men wonder what penis health cremes like Man 1 Man Oil can do for them and if Man 1 Man Oil side effects exist.

  • Masturbation as a Five Senses Experience

    Since most men engage in masturbation on a regular basis, it pays to find ways to keep the experience entertaining. Utilizing all the sense is one thing to try.

  • Itty Bitty Penis Bumps? Maybe Lichen Nitidus

    Penis bumps can come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors – and can often cause anxiety in a man. Sometimes lichen nitidus may be the cause of very tiny, light little bumps.

  • Using Sex Toys with a Bent Penis

    Often, a man with a severely bent penis may experience issues which can interfere with his sexual enjoyment. Using sex toys is usually still a viable option.

  • Say Good-Bye to Penis Rash in the New Year

    When a man has an otherwise attractive member marred by penis rash, it can be a turn-off to both current and potential partners. For the new year, men should take steps to address rash issues.

  • Can Antiperspirants Contribute to Penis Odor?

    Few things can turn a potential sexual relationship sour than the presence of an overwhelming and off-putting penis odor from a guy. Interestingly, antiperspirants could potentially add to this problem.

  • 5 Serious Causes of Discolored Penile Skin: Identification, Treatment, and Prevention

    Discolored penile skin can have any host of causes. Today, let’s do a little early education in the more serious causes of penis discoloration.

  • Painful Penis? Here’s What Might Be Going On

    A painful penis can be very debilitating, but in most cases, there is a simple solution. Here are some of the reasons that your junk may be throbbing, as well as effective solutions.

  • Masturdating: More Than Just Masturbating

    Most men indulge in some masturbation on a fairly regular basis – but few probably go masturdating very often. This special “just me alone” date can be a nice change of pace.

  • CPPS Causes Uncomfortable Penis Pain

    Want to avoid penis pain? What man doesn’t? But sometimes they fall victim to chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), which can be a challenging condition to manage.

  • Better Sex Resolutions for the New Year

    The new year is a traditional time to make resolutions to change and improve one’s life. Resolutions around better sex can make both members of a couple have a very happy new year.

  • Penis Function Issues: Dealing with Premature Ejaculation

    A man definitely wants to have good penis function if he wants to handle premature ejaculation. A number of strategies can help a man learn to last longer.

  • Penis Protection from Winter Weather

    Winter weather means that icy cold winds are a reality for many people. Maintaining proper penis protection in the cold is key to good penis health.

  • Five Tips on How to Get a Good-Looking Penis

    Every man wants a good-looking penis, but what exactly does that mean? Read on to find out the elements that make a dream penis.

  • Does Penis Size Really Matter? The Answer May Surprise You

    Too big, too small, or, just right? Does penis size really matter to an intimate partner? Let’s examine this phenomenon and see how people feel about penis size.

  • Take these 5 Vitamins for Penis Health

    It’s not Flintstones vitamins, but there are several vitamins men can take to improve penis health and build a healthier, stronger penis.

  • 5 Causes of an Itchy Rash on the Penis: Identification, Treatment and Prevention

    It starts as a tickle but then develops into to a full-on scratch fest. Getting an itchy rash on the penis is a nightmare for any man. Let’s look at five common causes of penis rashes and how to get back to good.

  • Compulsive Masturbation? Could Be Pramipexole

    Regular masturbation is a pleasure for many men and an excellent way to learn how one’s body functions. Sometimes, however, masturbation may become compulsive – and a drug called pramipexole could be one reason why.

  • Wine and Penis Pain – Excuse Me?

    Penis pain is usually high on the list of experiences to be avoided. Surprisingly, some men find that drinking wine may result in a degree of penis pain.

  • Ho-Ho-Hot Christmas Sex Tips

    The Christmas season is a time when loved ones give each other special gifts. These sex tips can help a couple give each other holiday-themed sex ideas.

  • Will Probiotics Benefit an Itchy Penis?

    Oh, the curse o an itchy penis! Men want to be spared the embarrassment of scratching in public. Adding probiotics to their diet may be one way to help rein in this problem.

  • 8 Dry Penis Skin Solutions to Try

    When a man has flaky, dry penis skin, his penis does not have the visual and sexual appeal that makes a partner feel at ease. These tips can help with this situation.

  • Something Smells Down There: 6 Causes and Solutions for Odor on the Penis

    If you’re concerned about serious penile odor, consider possible environmental factors that could be contributing to the stench. Many penile odor culprits are identifiable, so your solution may be a change or two away. Read on for the most common perpetrators.

  • The Itching Penis: What to Do Now to Stop It

    An itching penis may not be an emergency, but it can feel like one when the urge to scratch is overwhelming. To eliminate this problem, it’s helpful to identify the source. Here are some of the common reasons for the

  • Seven Tips to Improve Penis Skin Health

    The key to a healthy penis is paying attention to the skin. Here are seven tips for improving penis skin health.

  • What Causes Damaged Nerves in the Penis and How to Treat and Prevent Them

    Getting the “tingles” is usually a good thing. However, when a man feels the shock of lightning in his penis, it’s mostly just painful and a cause for anxiety. Let’s learn about what causes damaged nerves in the penis and how to treat and prevent them.

  • 5 Common Causes of Penis Smell and How to Freshen Up the Funk

    Penis smell varies from man to man; however, if penis odor is foul, it’s a good indicator something is going on.

  • 7 Common Penis Problems and How to Solve Them

    Just like any organ or appendage, a penis can have problems from time to time. Here are a few of the most common penis problems and how to fix them.

  • Loss of Penile Sensitivity: The Answers You Need

    As men age, the penis begins to become less sensitive to touch and stimulation as it does throughout the rest of the body. Unfortunately, many men may experience loss of penile sensitivity earlier in life, as well. Some of the reasons this occurs are discussed here, as well as real solutions.

  • Bumps on the Penis: What, Why and How to Get Rid of Them

    Bumps on the penis can sometimes mean a sexually transmitted infection, but the good news is that they are usually something more benign. Here are 5 different reasons that bumps and spots can appear on the junk, as well as what to do about them.

  • Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 5 Causes of Pain During Urination in Men

    When men experience pain during urination it can be a pretty scary thing. However, there are several reasons a man may have pain during urination, here’s a short of causes and how to cope with painful urination.

  • 5 Changes You Can Make Now to Improve Penis Health and Function

    In order to maintain optimal personal wellness, there are a variety of ways for men to improve penis health. Eat clean, drink lots of water, stay calm, reduce alcohol intake and always use protection – these are just some of the lifestyle changes that all men can make.

  • Small Penis Worries: Micropenis or Not?

    Many a man with a small penis (in comparison to what is considered the norm) worries that he has an actual micropenis – but in fact very few men actually do.

  • Penis Skin and Oxidative Stress

    Handsome, good looking penis skin makes a man’s member much more appealing to a partner. Maintaining healthy penis skin means taking steps to treat or prevent damage caused by oxidative stress.

  • Penis Sensation Protection: Common Sense Tips

    When a guy enjoys sex (whether by himself or with a partner), the physical pleasure comes from having an appropriate degree of penis sensation. Guys should follow tips for maintaining proper sensitivity.

  • Holiday Gifts for Better Sex

    Any time of the year is a good time for better sex, but with the end-of-year holidays a guy has a great opportunity to present his partner with special gifts aimed at better sex.

  • Bent Penis Treatment: Understanding and Coping with Peyronie’s Disease and How to Deal with it

    Peyronie’s Disease is marked by an extreme bend in the penis and has been shown to affect a quarter of adult men. This article will discuss the condition and potential bent penis treatments to remedy the situation.

  • 5 Sex Tips for Early Morning Risers

    Sex tips can come in handy when a man or a couple are trying something new. For example, those who want to explore early morning sex may to consider a few helpful tips.

  • 10 Penis Power Foods All Men Should Be Eating

    Is it true some superfoods can benefit the penis? It is – read on to learn more about penis power foods men should add to give their members a little oomph!

  • The Aging Penis: What to Expect and How to Deal

    Aging is one thing people today can count on. However, men can help their aging penis stay vital and active and prevent Father Time from stealing their penile prowess.

  • Improving Penis Health: Why This Should be a Top New Year’s Resolution

    As New Years’ resolutions are coming up, many men are taking a step back to think about their health and lifestyle choices. Improving penis health should be at the top of the list. Here’s why.

  • Psoriasis Can Impact the Erect Penis

    A man likes to have a firmly erect penis at the ready to demonstrate his get up and go. But having psoriasis is a risk factor for erectile function issues for many.

  • The P-Spot: Everything Every Man Should Know about the Male Perineum

    What is this mysterious spot all the men want to find? It’s the P Spot and men around the world are finding maximum pleasure when “P” marks the spot!

  • Penis Bumps: A Guide for Women

    There’s a whole range of things that can cause penis bumps to appear. Women may feel more comforted if they know more about what causes certain bumps to appear.

  • Sex Toys for Mature Men

    Mature men often find themselves in a situation in which their sex lives are somewhat less satisfying than they would like. Incorporating sex toys may be one way to help.

  • Penis Facts You Didn’t Learn on the Street

    Guys learn a lot about sex on the street, but it’s quite likely that many of the penis facts they learn there may be wrong. Proper information is crucial to understanding penis function and health.

  • Itchy Penis: Will Shaving Cure Pubic Lice?

    An itchy penis can be caused by many things, including the dreaded and embarrassing pubic lice. Some recommend shaving as a treatment, but does this actually help?

  • Manscaping 101: How to Get a (Mostly) Hairless Penis

    Perhaps inspired by the Brazilian, more men are opting for a hairless penis these days (despite all the full beards on their faces). Here’s how any man can up his manscaping IQ and trim his downstairs beard.

  • Jock Itch on the Penis: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

    When things down under get itchy and red, it’s natural to freak out. However, many times, it’s just jock itch – a completely treatable infection that is pretty common and very contagious.

  • Rash from Masturbation: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

    Sometimes too much of a good thing can just be too much. Getting a rash from masturbation isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a good indicator that things need to change.

  • Raw Red Penis? 6 Tips for Healing

    Unbridled and wildly enthusiastic sex can be amazing – but sometimes in results in a very raw, red penis which is going to need proper healing before it can become active again.

  • Causes of a Smelly Penis: How to Eliminate the Funk

    Nobody likes a smelly member. Although the male groin is a perfect area for smelly odors to present themselves and grow, there are many environmental factors that can help your odor issue. Continue reading below to find out a few tips and tricks.

  • Eczema on the Penis: Triggers and How to Avoid Them

    Dryness and itching on penis skin can make for a very uncomfortable day. Clothes are irritating, scratching isn’t an option and there are flakes of skin in unwanted places. While there are many causes of dry skin, these symptoms may point to eczema on the penis.

  • Five Ways Vitamin D Helps the Penis

    Who ever thought that not enough sunlight could seriously affect a man’s amorous intentions in the evening? Read up about how vitamin D and the penis work well together.

  • Oral Pleasuring of One’s Own Erect Penis: 6 Tips

    Oral sex is high on a man’s “must have” list, especially when he sports an erect penis. For those interested in providing their own oral satisfaction, some tips may be needed.

  • Locations for Better Sex

    Even people who have perfectly delightful sex wouldn’t say no to even better sex. One option for seeking out better sex? Try coupling in a variety of locations.

  • Penis Odor from Too Much Methionine (What?)

    Penis odor is an embarrassing penis health issue, and one which drives away many partners. Too much methionine is one potential cause of this too-common problem among men.

  • Penis Function and Medications That Increase Prolactin

    Many things can have some sort of effect on penis function. Prolactin, a naturally occurring hormone, is one of them, especially if there is too much of it.

  • Why Men Masturbate: The Top 7 Reasons

    When pondering why men masturbate, the natural answer is, “Why not?” Here are seven of the most commonly echoed reasons why guys can’t help but choke their chicken.

  • Why Men Get Erections During Sleep: Morning Wood Gets Demystified

    It really is a good morning. Sometimes when men wake up, they find somebody (their lil’ buddy) already waiting for them.

  • Is Circumcision Necessary? Reasons for and Against the Ancient Practice

    Today it’s time to answer the oft-asked question, “Is circumcision necessary?” Let’s talk about the big cut and why a man may choose to do it.

  • Yow! Itchy Penis from Neurodermatitis

    It’s not as if any man actually likes having an itchy penis. There are many causes, and neurodermatitis is one of the more annoying ones when it occurs on the penis.

  • Iron Overload Can Impact Penis Function

    Proper penis function is very important to a man (and to his partners as well). Sometimes it can be affected if there is a dangerous overload of iron in the body.

  • Penis Tip Irritation: The Causes

    Penis tip irritation can be itchy, painful and alarming. While it may be caused by a minor issue like sweat or dryness, it can also be a symptom of something worse, like an infection.

  • Dryness Around the Penis: What it Means and How to Fix It

    An annoying side effect of having penis is having to worry about the dryness around the penis or the genital area in general. As dry, flaky and peeling skin can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant, it’s important to determine the cause of the dryness and work to treat it. Usually it’s environmental, but it can be an indication of something more serious, like an infection.

  • Average Penis Size Doesn’t Equal Average Sex

    As has been stated numerous times, penis size is not what determines sex quality. A man of average size can be exceptional if he works on the skills that matter.

  • Penis Skin Alert: Take Care with Penis Lightening

    Beautiful penis skin is attractive to many potential partners and well worth maintaining. Some men opt for penis lightening, which can carry some risks with it.

  • The Kama Sutra and Masturbation: Five Pieces of Ancient Wisdom about Pleasure

    The Kama Sutra is the ancient text which outlines all things lovemaking and sensual pleasure, but what does it say about self-pleasure? Let’s talk about the Kama Sutra and masturbation.

  • Four Thanksgiving Sex Tips for a Happy Penis

    Thanksgiving-based sex tips can be employed to make a happy penis on Turkey Day. Skip the football game and indulge in some more personal and enjoyable physical activities.

  • L-Carnitine and Oral ED Medications: Better Together for Strong Erections

    No doubt everyone knows about ED medication and how it helps men stay vital. However, most people don’t know that an amino acid made in the body called L-Carnitine is just as powerful. When the two are paired, real results rise!

  • Penile Rejuvenation: All the Facts

    Many men want a stronger, longer, girthier, more vigorous penis, but that’s impossible, right? Not so! If a man has 15 minutes, a debit card, and a pretty clean bill of health, that dream could be a reality. Here’s everything every man wanted to know about penile rejuvenation!

  • The Blue Balls Myth: Fact or Fiction?

    The Blue Balls Myth has been around longer than the Holy Grail and Nessie combined. But just how much fact is there to this myth? Read on to find out about the reality of blue balls and how to fix it.

  • Masturbation: 8 Good Reasons

    The fact is, a guy doesn’t really need and justifications for his masturbation engagement. But for those who feel the need, there are numerous good reasons to masturbate.

  • Relieving a Sore Penis after Penile Stretching

    It’s no news that sore penis is bad news – and sometimes penis stretching methods do cause some residual soreness. Knowing how to treat that soreness can be a big help.

  • Avoid Penis Rash When Using Body Paints

    Many men and couples like to incorporate body paints into their sex play, and it can be a great way to enliven one’s sex life. But do take steps to avoid a resulting penis rash.

  • Bent Penis and Curved Hand? Could Be a Connection

    As if having a significantly bent penis isn’t enough to deal with, some men with Peyronie’s disease may also find they have severely curved hands as well.

  • Jock Itch Prevention: Basic Hacks

    Scratching all over the crotch usually means that jock itch is present – and that can be a royal pain. Prevention strategies can help keep this bothersome condition away.

  • How to Maintain a Healthy Penis: 6 Ways to Take Action

    Keeping your penis healthy is one of the most important things you can do to preserve and protect your health as best as possible. Eating right, exercising regularly, taking vitamins, watching your alcohol intake and performing regular testicular cancer checks are a few ways that men can take control of their health and penis.

  • Penis Supplements: The Pathway to a Strong Member

    Men take supplements to enhance their performance in the gym and in the boardroom, why not the bedroom. Here’s the lowdown on penis supplements – which ones to take and which ones to avoid.

  • Perineum Sensitivity: A How-to Guide to the P-Spot

    Move over, ladies, the fellas are coming. The P-Spot is where it’s at for men looking to have more intense orgasms. How? Let’s talk perineum sensitivity – what it is, how to stimulate it, and how to increase sensitivity.

  • Exfoliating the Penis: How to Get a Smooth Member the Right Way

    Just imagining the process of exfoliating the penis can make a man cringe in horror. Let’s talk about the proper way to get and keep a smooth penis that has nothing to do with sandpapery masks or scrubs that go bump in the night.

  • Penile Cream: Why to Use It and What to Look for

    Is penile cream a real thing or just a bunch of hype? This article explores the merits of cream for the penis and what kind of cream is most recommended.

  • Male Infertility and Milk Consumption: The Impact of Diet on Penis Health

    There are many factors that impact infertility in both men and women, and diet is just one of these. One issue that affects men, in particular, may be consumption of milk and other dairy products. This article talks about why.

  • Penis Health and Insomnia: How Lack of Sleep Impacts Sexual Function

    Getting enough sleep is critical to staying healthy and functioning on a physical and mental level; and when insomnia sets in, it can affect men in surprising ways. One negative result of getting too few zzz’s relates to a guy’s penis health. Here’s why.

  • Penis Self-Exam: How to Perform it and Why You Should

    A key element of good penis health relies on a man performing regular penis self-exams. Here’s why, when, and how to give a penis self-exam and a few additional tips on promoting penis health.

  • Four Masturbation Mistakes to Avoid

    When a man is deep into his masturbation, he may get a little heedless and commit a few mistakes that can damage his penis. Working to avoid those mistakes is a healthy idea.

  • Lingering Penis Odor After Sex? Take These 4 Steps

    Combatting the causes of penis odor is essential for a man to avoid this most embarrassing of problems. Often, penis odor is worse after sex, so a guy needs to consider this fact.

  • Itchy Penis? Drink More Water

    An itchy penis is never welcome and always seems to pop up at the most inopportune times. Drinking plenty of water helps hydrate penis skin and keep itchiness away.

  • Proper Penis Protection: Best Practices for Condom Use

    A man needs to take steps to ensure proper penis protection in all activities. Using a condom can help to prevent acquisition of sexually-transmitted infections, a problem to be avoided.

  • Penis Health and Nudism –Benefits vs. Risks

    Nudism is a lifestyle choice for many people around the world – and many nudist men believe that this choicer has distinct penis health benefits, such as cutting down on odor.

  • Penis Tattoos: Everything a Man Needs to Know

    A needling piercing skin over and over doesn’t really sound like a good time, but many people have tattoos. What’s not as commonplace is penis tattoos; however, they aren't a new thing. Here's everything a man needs to know about getting a tattoo on his penis.

  • Dealing with Penile Atrophy: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

    Penile atrophy is the fancy name for penis shrinkage. Whether temporary or permanent, there’s a way to treat it so let’s talk about penis atrophy and how to deal with it!

  • Improve Penis Sensitivity: What You Can Do Now to Regain That Loving Feeling

    Men lose sensation in their favorite appendage for many reasons – injury, medications, overuse. Fortunately, in most cases, improving sensitivity is easier than you might think. Some of these common-sense solutions can help.

  • Avoiding Penis Irritation: TLC for a Man’s Best Friend

    Penis irritation is normal for men, but it can be uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing. Some common-sense tips for personal care can help men avoid this situation.

  • My Penis Smells Funky: Why?

    Let’s be honest; a smelly nether-region is a recipe for a bad date and ruined evening. Aside from penile odor being off-putting, it can also be a symptom of something more serious, like an infection. Here are some of the possible reasons that a guy’s penis smells.

  • Penis Pain Could Come from a Bladder Stone

    In general, men want to avoid anything that can cause significant penis pain. A bladder stone, which can cause pain and other problems, is one condition which should therefore be avoided.

  • Penis Pump Parties: Exhibiting the Erect Penis

    Many men using a penis pump to achieve an erect penis, sometimes for purely recreational purposes. Enthusiasts may even hold pump parties to share the results of their pumping.

  • Penis Protection: Daily Do’s & Don'ts

    Penis protection is an issue which requires daily attention from a man. There are numerous ways to attend to penis care, some of which are simply good common sense.

  • Itchy Penis from C. Glabrata, a Different Kind of Yeast

    A maddening itchy penis is a major inconvenience and is often the result of an unwanted yeast infection. The infection caused by c. glabrata requires a different approach than some other yeast infections.

  • Testosterone and Sexual Health: It’s Complicated

    Sexual health is of course a concern of every man. Testosterone levels are associated with sexual health, but care should be taken when trying to boost those levels.

  • Smegma: Know When it Strikes and How to Treat It

    Keeping things fresh and clean in the nether regions doesn’t have to be cumbersome. When things get funky, it's important to know the right smegma treatments to make things right again. Here are a few ways to get lax hygiene under control.

  • Ten Causes of Penis Sores and How to Treat Them

    The last thing a man wants to see on his penis is a sore. Here are ten potential causes for penis sores and what to do next to remedy them.

  • Increasing Penis Sensitivity: A User’s Guide

    Increasing penis sensitivity is an issue close to the hearts of most men. Here’s a guide to increasing penis sensitivity for a healthy sex life.

  • Seven Varicocele Symptoms and How to Deal

    Scrotum been looking a little more veiny than usual lately? Peek these seven varicocele symptoms to see if it’s to blame.

  • Masturbation While on the Road: 5 Dos and Don’ts

    One of the advantages of masturbation is that a guy has all the equipment he needs to do it anywhere – but doing it while on the road may not always be easy (or appropriate).

  • Penis Skin Care: 5 Tips for Better Health

    There are tips for just about every health and beauty matter – and that includes penis skin care. A man needs to keep his most important organ looking strong and healthy.

  • Erect Penis Problems: The Impact of Winter Weather

    An erect penis is a thing of pride for many a man. But in winter, the intense cold can sometimes have a negative impact on that erection.

  • Red Penis? Avoid These Triggers for Hives

    When that red penis is also itchy and bumpy, it may be due to a bad case of hives. Knowing one’s triggers and avoiding them helps prevent this problem from occurring.

  • When a Sore Penis Gets in the Way of Good Sex

    Sex, whether by oneself or with another person, is one of life’s great pleasures for a man. A sore penis unfortunately often means a delay in such pleasure.

  • Red Penis 101: Five Common Causes and Treatments

    Having an irritated, red penis is a sure-fire way to ruin a good day, not to mention a date. Although many factors are involved, sometimes redness and irritation are caused by simple environmental factors, like clothing, certain soaps or laundry detergents. By pinpointing the underlying problem, men can take the right steps to for treatment.

  • Penile Desensitization Ruining Your Sex Life? 5 Reasons it Happens and How to Fix It

    As men grow older, they frequently experience penile desensitization due to issues such as lifestyle, medical conditions and injury. This article looks at reasons for loss of sensation and how to restore the feeling.

  • Male Penile Shapes -- Normal and Abnormal, and What They Mean

    Just like snowflakes, penises are all unique. However, in terms of appearance, it’s not always clear what’s standard and when there might be a problem. Let’s talk about male penile shapes, normal and abnormal.

  • Vitamin E Oil on the Penis: How it Protects the Family Jewels

    Vitamin E oil is renowned for its many amazing health properties as both an ingestible and topical curative. However, most people don't know it's also great for promoting penis health and support. Here are a few reasons why vitamin E oil makes penises great again.

  • No Feeling in the Penis? What Causes It and How to Regain that Loving Feeling

    Hello…is anybody down there? When a man has no feeling in his penis, it can be a cause for worry and concern. While some causes of a desensitized penis can’t be avoided, many can be.

  • Five Common Masturbation Side Effects

    While it was once taboo, masturbation is proving itself to be one of the best ways to exhibit self-care. Let's learn a little more about the side effects, positive and negative, of masturbation.

  • Benefits of Vitamins for Penis Health

    Studies have proven that there are substantial benefits of vitamins for penis health. The top nutrients for better performance and function are discussed here.

  • Does a Small Penis = Infertility?

    Many men with a small penis feel self-conscious or less of a man, and they may react negatively to a report that a small penis is linked with infertility. But should they believe it?

  • Penis Health Tips for Better Sperm

    Proper penis health doesn’t stop with the outside of the organ but also includes inner workings and components as well – and that includes the sperm that is so important when starting a family.

  • Blotchy Red Penis? Could be Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

    Sometimes a man has a red penis simply because he has an erection; other times, it may be a sign of a skin issue, such as Henoch-Schonlein purpura.

  • Unattractive Penis Skin May Be Lichen Sclerosis

    As the front layer of defense, the penis skin has an important role in penis health and attractiveness. Lichen sclerosis is a condition which can damage this delicate tissue.

  • A Bent Penis Affects the Tunica Albuginea

    Having a severely bent penis (a condition known as Peyroniue’s disease) is often the result of damage to the tunica albuginea, which surrounds the anatomical parts known as the corpora cavernosa.

  • Ten Potential Causes of Redness on the Penis and How to Treat It

    When a man finds redness on the penis, it can lead to many questions and sometimes, paranoia. Luckily, most causes of a red penis are no big deal. Here are ten of the most common causes of redness on the penis and how to treat them.

  • Adult Circumcision Pros and Cons

    Most people think that circumcision only happens to babies. However, adult males also choose to get circumcised for a range of reasons, from religious to medical to aesthetic. This article will discuss adult circumcision pros and cons, as well as how to keep the penis healthy regardless of whether it’s cut or uncut.

  • Five Causes of Itchy Penis and How to Get Relief

    When the penis itches, it can be very distracting and cause anxiety. To itch or not to itch – that is the question! This article will break down some causes of an itchy penis and how to deal.

  • Smegma Infection Symptoms and How to Clear it Up

    Smegma is a dirty little infection that can lead a man to pain, embarrassment, and unnecessary suffering. Here are some smegma infection symptoms and how to get the funk out of the area!

  • How to Get Rid of that Bad Penis Smell: Odor Control for Men

    There are few things worse than a smelly genital area. Every man has dealt with this issue at one point or another, as odors can be produced from sweat, lubrication, build-up of grime, and just plain old human stink. How to get rid of that bad penis smell, you might ask? There are a multitude of causes for that foul smell, and the cure might just be a shower away.

  • Loss of Sensitivity and Other Penis Problems from Cycling: How to Avoid Long-term Damage

    Cycling enthusiasm is at an all-time high, and growing numbers of men are enjoying the sport. However, as is well-known, spending extended periods of time in a bicycle seat can lead to significant penis problems. Here’s what one study has to say about this issue.

  • Masturbation on the Go: Some Travel Tips

    A man can enjoy masturbation any place. Travel masturbation can be especially rewarding for a guy, as a change of scene is usually positive for everyone.

  • Penis Odor and Diet: 5 Types of Foods that Can Up the Stink Factor

    No man wants to be caught with a rotten case of penis odor when his pants are off. Hygiene is important, but so is monitoring the foods a guy eats before a hook-up.

  • Penis Function and the Impact of Diabetes

    Many things can have an impact on penis function, one of which is diabetes. This serious medical condition requires careful monitoring and treatment, and can affect penis health.

  • Penis Problems: ADHD Medications and Spontaneous Ejaculation

    Guys generally want to avoid penis problems of all kinds – including the rare condition known as spontaneous ejaculation. Medications used to treat ADHD are one possible cause of this problem.

  • Penis Health at College: 6 Essential Tips

    Maintaining penis health is an important goal for men of all ages – including those who are attending college. Matriculation should not be an excuse for ignoring penis care.

  • Study Says that Erectile Dysfunction and Depression are Linked

    Depression is a common but serious problem that can affect many aspects of an individual’s physical, as well as mental well-being. In men, research has shown that depression is a causative factor in erectile dysfunction.

  • Five Causes of Weak Erections and How to Take Back Control

    A weak erection can be a man’s worst nightmare. Here are some common causes that can result in a weak erection and how to overcome and deal with it.

  • Bent Penis Problems: Why They Happen and How to Cope

    Not all penises take a straight and narrow path. Some have a little more whimsy and take unexpected turns. Here are a few problems men with bent penises have and how to respect the curve.

  • Skin Irritation on the Penis: Causes, Treatments and Risk Factors

    The largest organ on the human body, the skin requires a lot of upkeep to stay clean, dry, and soft. However, when a man notices a skin irritation on his penis, it can not only cause a lot of discomfort but also a lot of paranoia and worry. Let's explore common causes and treatments for an irritated penis.

  • Five Common Causes of Dry Skin on the Penile Shaft and How to Restore the Balance

    Dry skin on the penis can be somewhat alarming, but generally, it's not a symptom of a serious medical condition. Here are some of the symptoms of dry penile skin, as well as 5 common causes and how to remedy them.

  • Penis Scars: Potential Problems

    Over time, normal wear and tear can lead to penis scars, both on the skin’s surface and in the underlying tissue. In some cases, this can lead to significant penile problems, including Peyronie’s disease.

  • Masturbation Without Visual Aids: Why It’s Beneficial

    Many men regularly employ some form of visual aid, such as adult videos or photographs, in their masturbation routine. But there can be benefits in stepping away from the computer to masturbate.

  • Penis Size: Living in the Real World

    In the real world, the average penis size is slightly more than five inches long – but far too many men discount that and wish for a much, much larger organ.

  • Penis Skin Care: 5 Keys to a Youthful Appearance

    The penis skin is paramount in making a good impression on another person, especially a potential bed partner. Keeping it looking youthful is definitely to a man’s benefit.

  • Penis Problems and the Anemia Factor

    When a person has anemia, they feel generally tired and rundown, which is no fun. But men with anemic may also experience penis problems to add to their woe.

  • Penis Rash? Maybe It’s Aspirin

    Can taking plain old aspiring cause an unsightly penis rash? In some cases, a person may have an allergic reaction to a common drug that does cause this problem.

  • How to Cure a Dry Penis: Common Causes and Treatment Options

    When a man notices dry and itchy pealing penis skin, it can make for an uncomfortable day, especially if tight clothing is involved. It can be a chronic condition or appear at random times. When not properly handled, dry, flaking and chapped skin can cause red and irritated skin and is an inconvenient and sometimes painful burden.

  • Erectile Dysfunction? Maybe Try a Little Watermelon

    The impact of diet on erectile dysfunction is well known, and there are plenty of healthy foods that can contribute to better erections. One of these is a great summertime favorite – here’s how watermelon can help improve male performance.

  • What Causes Nerve Damage in the Penis: How to ID and Treat the Problem

    A man may feel like Thor in the bedroom, but that doesn't mean he wants to feel lightning in his penis (the bad kind anyway). Constant shocks of painful electricity or numbness can not only be uncomfortable but an indicator of a more serious problem. Here’s the intel on how to spot nerve damage in the penis, what causes it, and how to deal with it.

  • Five Causes of Decreased Male Organ Sensation and How to Get it Back

    Decreased Male Organ sensitivity can cause a man to feel frustrated, second-guess his virility, and can even lead to depression. This article covers several potential causes of decreased Male Organ sensation and possible treatment options to help get it back.

  • Ten Common Causes of Dry Peeling Skin on the Penis and How to Treat Them

    Dry peeling skin on the penis can be a not so pleasant surprise, but in most cases, it’s not a catastrophic problem. Here are 10 common causes of dry penile skin and how to remedy them.

  • Sore Penis After Sex? How to Soothe the Burn

    The good news – there was tons of sex. The bad news – a sore penis is now the result. There’s discomfort, throbbing, and aching, but it’s a better reason to have a sore penis than a basketball foul! Here are a few ways to soothe a sore penis after sex.

  • The Very Real Penis Health Risks of Smoking

    Cigarette use is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, as well as worldwide, and the dangers of smoking are well known. To add to the many reasons that men should quit this toxic habit, the risks to penis health are discussed here.

  • Penis Pain May Signal Prostatitis

    Penis pain is no joke, especially when accompanied by symptoms like blood in the urine or semen. Fortunately, while alarming, these symptoms may be a sign of a treatable condition.

  • Use L-Carnitine for Penis Skin Health

    Good looking penis skin is essential for a good looking penis that will impress and delight one’s partners. A crème with L-carnitine can be especially helpful in maintaining a healthy penis.

  • Penis Bumps May Be Due to HPV

    Few things mar an otherwise handsome penis as much as unsightly penis bumps, such as the warts that can sometimes result from HPV. Prevention of HPV is therefore key.

  • Some Jock Itch “Cures” that Don’t Work

    The urge to scratch away at jock itch can lead to some embarrassing situations for a man, so he may look desperately for cures for the condition – not all of which work.

  • Can Bent Penis Surgery Cause Complications?

    When curvature of the penis becomes a severely bent penis, a doctor should be consulted. One treatment option may be surgery, but the risks should be explored first.

  • Red Penis Skin Warning: Signs and Symptoms Men Should be Aware Of

    A red penis can be a scary thing to see. Thankfully, most times it’s not a sign of a serious problem. Here are six common causes of a red penis and tips on how to return it to normal.

  • Tingling and Sore Penis? Look into Restless Genital Syndrome

    Men get a sore penis for many different reasons. One little known cause is restless genital syndrome, which can cause states of persistent arousal that exhaust the penis.

  • Penis Blisters: 5 Causes and How to Treat Them

    No doubt about it -- penis blisters are unattractive, painful, and alarming. Learning to recognize these 5 types of blisters can help men to determine the best course of treatment.

  • Six Causes of Penis Rashes and How to Deal

    Penis rashes are the worst. From the heat to the irritation to the paranoia, rashes on the penis can cause a lot of pain and anxiety. Here are a few causes of penis rashes and how to bring it back to good.

  • Smegma Symptoms: A Normal Male Complaint?

    Smegma is a dirty little thing that can turn painful if left unmitigated. Here are some smegma symptoms, causes, and how to clean things up.

  • Why Do I Have a Red Penis, and How Can I Treat It?

    A red penis can have multiple causes, ranging from a simple allergic reaction to more serious issues. Using a penis health crème can help with chafed, rough or red penis skin.

  • Penis Rash Causes: Get to Know These Plants!

    When a penis rash appears, interest in the penis from a partner may disappear. Knowing what plants may cause a pen is rash is essential to continued health.

  • Itchy Penis: 5 Tips for Hiding the Scratch

    An itchy penis can be enough to drive a man to distraction., but there are some situations in which giving the penis a scratch can draw the wrong kind of attention to his penis.

  • Swollen, Red Penis? Balanitis May be Caused by Bacteria

    A red penis, especially one in which the redness is located near the head of the penis, is often a sign of balanitis. This condition may be caused by bacteria on the penis.

  • The Sauna and the Healthy Penis: 5 Key Tips

    Every guy likes to have a healthy penis, and staying fit from a gym workout can help. But does using the sauna after a workout have an effect on penis health?

  • Severe Penis Pain: Is it a Nerve Problem?

    Nothing can put a crimp in a guy’s sexual plans faster than excruciating penis pain. There can be many causes, but pudendal neuralgia may be recurring and hard to get rid of.

  • Six Ways to Treat Chafing on the Penis

    Chafing on the penis can be one of the most uncomfortable places to chafe. Penis chafing can keep a man from his favorite activities like working out, sex, and even just being comfortable moving around or sitting. Thankfully, recovery can be quick once it’s treated.

  • Penis Skin Peeling? Seven Causes and How to Remedy It!

    Could there be anything scarier for a man than looking down in the shower and find that his penis skin is peeling? Let’s look at the causes of peeling penile skin and how to fix it!

  • Five Causes of Numb Penis and How to Regain Sensation

    A numb penis can range from the result of a long lover’s weekend to a serious medical issue. No matter what that cause, loss of penile sensation is daunting for men. Here are a few of the leading causes of numbness and how to regain sensation.

  • Five Health Benefits of L-Arginine

    There many supplements out there to improve health. One key nutrient, l-arginine, is ideal for helping men with everything from cardiovascular function to sexual performance.

  • Penile Odor: Why It Happens and Strategies for Treating It

    Having a smelly penis can be a very embarrassing problem. Penile odor can have a variety of causes, and fortunately, there are solutions. This article provides a few potential culprits to penile odor.

  • Masturbation and Roommates: How to Keep it Discreet

    When at home in one’s own bedroom, masturbation comes with relatively few challenges. But when sharing a dorm room at college, it can become a bit trickier.

  • Six Penis Odor Hacks All Men Can Use

    If penis odor creates an “OMG” reaction whenever the pants are doffed, it’s time to try some life hacks to address this situation – before any partners take off through the door.

  • Can Constipation Impact Penis Function? Actually, Yes

    When a man suffers from constipation, things can be inconvenient enough without having to worry about a possible impact on his penis function. But such an impact is a possibility.

  • Unusual Penis Problems to Avoid: Anhedonic Ejaculation

    A man can have a range of penis problems, but one of the more disconcerting is anhedonic ejaculation. In this condition, a man ejaculates but without an orgasm.

  • Erect Penis Fun in the Fall

    In the fall months, the weather gets more bracing and has a definite snap to it. That can spell good news for the erect penis who wants to have fun in the chilly weather.

  • The Pros and Cons of Masturbation: Why It’s Good for You and What to Avoid

    Although in today’s world, self-gratification has – thankfully – become less of a taboo topic than in years past, myths still abound concerning the supposed dangers and pitfalls. In this article, we shed light on the real pros and cons of masturbation for men.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Testing: What to Expect During an Exam

    Testing for erectile dysfunction is a process few men are eager to undertake. However, knowing the cause of the problem is the first step in successful treatment. With this in mind, it’s helpful to know the steps that a doctor will take to identify the cause.

  • Penis Function and Spinal Cord Injury: 3 Types of Problems

    A spinal cord injury can have a devastating impact on penis function in men. This article explores the potential reproductive complications.

  • Demystifying Erectile Dysfunction: How We Study It and How It’s Treated

    Modern medicine has made vast strides in combatting health problems that were once considered taboo topics – erectile dysfunction stands out as one of these. This article explores what we currently know about this important male problem.

  • Fertility Problems and Electronics Use: Is Your Laptop Making You Sterile?

    With the widespread use of electronics these days, concerns about the potential health risks are increasing. One important issue is the potential for fertility problems related to laptop use, especially in men.

  • Penis Pain Due to Seminal Vesicle Stones: How Common Is It?

    While uncommon, seminal vesicle stones are a potential source of penis pain. Men who are focused on their overall health and wellness should be aware of this issue and how to recognize it.

  • Sexual Health and Bipolar Disorder: Coping with Emotional Dysregulation and Sexuality

    Due to modern research, our understanding of mental health issues such as bipolar disorder has vastly improved over the years. In this article, we look at the research on how this condition may impact a man’s sexual health.

  • Anxiety and Sexuality in Men: Understanding Sexual Aversion Disorders

    For the vast majority of men, sex is something to look forward to, and in fact, they may expend considerable effort on getting it. For some, though, anxiety and other psychological issues can cause problems for sexuality in men, including avoidance.

  • Penis Rash and Cellulitis: Causes and Treatment Options

    A penis rash can be an unattractive and inconvenient condition which can make a man feel self-conscious and a partner feel wary. Sometimes it might be the result of a bacterial infection like cellulitis.

  • Is it Jock Itch or Herpes? A Quick Guide of Symptoms and Treatments

    When spots and itching appear in the groin, it can worry any man. Read on to learn if it’s jock itch or herpes causing a ruckus down under.

  • Dry Penis Skin: 5 Reasons It Happens and How to Soothe the Itch

    Dry penis skin can be an irritating, scratchy, inconvenient and sometimes painful burden for many men. Find some helpful information on this common penis problem and suggested practices for healing.

  • Prevent Jock Itch, Avoid Embarrassment

    When jock itch strikes, and a man has a hard time keeping his hand out of his pants for itch relief, it can easily be an embarrassment. Preventing jock itch is therefore key.

  • Penis Odor: A Primer for a Woman

    Penis odor can be a deal breaker when a woman is considering whether to move forward with a sexual relationship. Knowing more about this issue can help a woman decide what to do.

  • Yow! Avoiding Penis Pain During Oral Sex

    There are not many things that give a man more pleasure than a delirious bout of oral sex. But sometimes this pleasant activity can result in lingering penis pain.

  • Loss of Sensation in the Penis: Medical and Non-medical Factors

    When a man experiences loss of sensation in his penis, it can lead a man to suffer a blow to his confidence, feel frustrated, and can even lead to depression. This article covers several potential reasons for penile sensation loss and possible treatment options to enhance sensation.

  • Bumps on the Penis: Can They Be Cured?

    When a man finds bumps on the penis, it can be a cause for alarm. Could it be an ingrown hair, or is something more serious, like an STI? Read on to find out what caused that bump and how to get rid of it.

  • Five Sore Penis Causes and Ways to Prevent Them

    A sore penis is a fairly common symptom and usually not a big deal. Here are a few causes of penis pain and how to prevent it from happening.

  • Five Symptoms of Male Menopause and How to Survive Them

    Male menopause is a real thing caused by age-related changes in male hormones. Here are five major symptoms of male menopause and how to lessen symptoms.

  • Seven Dry Penis Skin Hacks to Try

    Dry penis skin can make an otherwise appealing male member look flaky and unattractive. Knowing some hacks to combat this problem can be a lifesaver.

  • Insistently Erect Penis When Sick: Why Does This Happen?

    When a guy is sick in bed with a cold or fever, he often finds that he has a very excited, erect penis in bed with him. Many men feel especially aroused when sick.

  • Boost Your Penis Function with These Targeted Exercises

    Penis function is vital to a man’s enjoyment of sexual activities. Often employing penis-specific exercises can help maintain or even boost penis function in a man.

  • Small Penis Advantages: One Man’s View

    It seems like many men find a small penis to be a curse to be avoided. But some men with a small penis find that it has distinct advantages.

  • Bent Penis? Try These Sex Positions

    When a man has a severely bent penis, it can have an impact on his sex life. In some cases, he may need to seek out new or different sex positions.

  • Male Organ Size and Pleasure Satisfaction: A Connection?

    It’s not unusual for a man to wonder about possessing a larger male organ size, but long-term and consistent dissatisfaction with size may also affect his sensual satisfaction.

  • Erectile Function and Caffeine: Good or Bad for Bedroom Performance?

    Over the years, research has uncovered a number of factors that can impact erectile function, from diet to fitness level to systemic health issues. One of these factors relates to caffeine consumption. So what is the link between your morning cup of joe and your erectile health?

  • Penis Health and Your Underwear: The Debate on Boxers Vs. Briefs

    Underwear choices are not just about making a personal fashion statement; they can have a significant impact on penis health, and even on fertility, as well. This article explores the research into the fundamental debate on boxers versus briefs.

  • Penis Itches: 6 Common Causes and How to Get Relief

    When the penis itches, it can be embarrassing, distracting, and inconvenient. To tame an itchy penis, a man needs to understand what started it in the first place. Here are a few potential reasons a penis itches and how to get rid of the itch.

  • Discoloration on the Penis: Causes and Treatment Options

    Discoloration on the penis can be a cause for anxiety and concern. However, many causes of discoloration are not serious and fade with time. Here are a few of the reasons that variations in coloring may occur, as well as suggestions for prevention and treatment.

  • Best Looking Penis – 5 Steps to Up the Manscaping Game

    Surely every man wants to have the best looking penis in the world -- 0ne that impresses and astounds all who behold it. This article covers a few ways to get an attractive package.

  • Self-Gratification Pros and Cons: Health Benefits vs. Risks

    Self-gratification is a generally healthy activity that is sometimes treated as taboo; but in some cases, it can also get out of hand. To separate the good from the bad about this practice, here is a list of the top self-gratification pros and cons.

  • Penis Irritation: 7 Causes and What You Can Do NOW to Find Relief

    Penis irritation can be an all-day agitator. From the sensitivity to washing in the shower to wearing constraining pants in the boardroom, an irritated penis can destroy a man’s focus and cause considerable pain. Some common causes and treatments of penis irritation are explained in this article.

  • Five Causes of Tingling in the Penis and How to Cope

    When a man experiences tinging in the penis, it can be both distracting and alarming. Here are a few of the most common causes of a tingly penis and how to get it back to normal.

  • Penile Nerve Damage: Dealing with Diminished Sensitivity

    Whether it’s numbness or shocks of electricity shooting through the penis, penile nerve damage can not only physically cause pain, but can also make a man long for a time when he had better sensation and less discomfort. Here’s a low-down on penile nerve damage from how to recognize it to how to treat it.

  • Penis Rash Symptoms and Psoriasis: Is Phototherapy a Good Treatment Option?

    Unpleasant and unsightly, a penis rash can cause distress and discomfort for a man, especially when psoriasis is the cause. Is phototherapy a viable treatment option for this?

  • Penis Protection for the Occasional Nudist

    If a male is a nudist, proper penis protection is a must when being naked outdoors. For the occasional or amateur nudist, a few tips may be in order.

  • Sore Penis Syndrome: Could it be Behcet’s Disease?

    Being too active or getting too roughly handled can bring about a mighty sore penis. But so too can a rare chronic disorder known as Behcet’s disease.

  • Penis Bumps: Test Your Knowledge

    When a man inspects his member and finds penis bumps, he may panic at the sight. Taking a quiz on penis bumps helps know what might be causing them.

  • Unusual Red Penis Issues: What is Purpura, and What to Do About It?

    A healthy red penis is something a man can be proud of. But a splotchy red penis is another matter and may be due to factors such as purpura.

  • Small Penis Conundrum: Causes of a “Buried” Member

    In a society where size and appearance are everything, a small penis can have a tremendous impact on a man’s self-esteem and overall psychological well-being. This article explores a situation in which the penis may become “buried,” giving it a smaller than normal appearance.

  • Circumcision Pros and Cons: Joining the Debate

    Reasons to get a circumcision range from religious to medical to aesthetic. This article will discuss the pros and cons of circumcision, as well as how to keep the penis healthy regardless of whether it’s cut or uncut.

  • Premature Ejaculation: How Many Men Suffer from This Frustrating Problem?

    Premature ejaculation can be a source of anxiety in men, and this frustrating problem is more common than many think. Here’s what medical research has to say about how many men are too quick on the draw.

  • Erectile Function and DHEA Supplementation: Game Changer or Dead End?

    Low hormone levels have often been indicated as a cause of loss of erectile function. Can supplementation with DHEA help improve testosterone levels in men? The research indicates positive results.

  • Masturbation Don’ts: 4 Things to Avoid at All Costs

    For most men, masturbation is a regular (and valued) part of their lives. Often a man will feel adventurous and add something new to his masturbation - and sometimes this is something to avoid.

  • Sore Penis Prevention Tips to Keep You in the Game

    When a guy has a sore penis, he simply may not be able to enjoy sex to the degree he wants to – no matter how high his sex drive may be. Soreness prevention is key.

  • Oops! That Red Penis May Be Due to Corticosteroids

    When eczema is on the manhood, a red penis may result. But sometimes using corticosteroids to treat the eczema can worsen redness in some men.

  • Penis Health and Lupus: Is There a Connection? The Research Says Yes

    Lupus is not often associated with men, but many males do have this autoimmune disorder. Since it can have an impact on penis health, more men should know about it.

  • Controlling Male Organ Odor Caused by Alcohol

    There are many things which can contribute to a bad case of male organ odor, including alcohol intake. Since male organ odor can be a major turn-off, eliminating it is much-desired.

  • Six Causes of Penis Smell and How to Freshen Things Up

    Having an unpleasant penis smell can be awkward and off-putting. More than that, it can also be a warning that there’s something really wrong in the body. Read on to find out more about what causes a funky penis smell and how to freshen things up.

  • Lost Penis Sensitivity? Here’s How to Get it Back

    Decreased penis sensitivity can be a real bummer, but all men face it at some point. Thankfully, there are several ways to remedy it. Here are five ways how to increase penis sensitivity.

  • Penis Discoloration: 7 Causes and How to Cope

    Penis discoloration can be a cause for alarm, but it is not always a sign of a medical problem. This article discusses 7 causes of discoloration and what to do about them.

  • Penis Health in the Hot Tub: 6 Tips for Safe Use

    Maintaining proper penis health helps to ensure that a man has a piece of equipment that looks good. A few steps can protect that health when using a hot tub.

  • Seven Facts About a Curved Penis

    While many men have varying degrees of curvature to their penis, a truly curved penis can be cause for some concern. Knowing the facts can help a man know what to do.

  • Penis Bumps Basics: Recognizing Fordyce Spots

    When conducting a regular inspection of his equipment, a man wants to be on the lookout for penis bumps. One kind, known as Fordyce spots, is common but harmless.

  • Six Penis Function Tips to Improve Your Sex Game

    Playing at the top of one’s sex game is an admirable goal. It can more easily be accomplished if a guy has no penis function issues to contend with or worry about.

  • Bent Penis After Using a Pump: How and Why it Happens

    Using a penis pump can be beneficial to men with erectile problems and enjoyable for others. But misuse runs the risk of creating a bent penis.

  • Loss of Sexual Function in Men: Could it be Sleep Apnea?

    Sleep apnea is not just bad for the heart (or for one’s relationship); it can also play a significant role in reducing a man’s sexual function. Here are three reasons why.

  • Penis Health and Diabetes: What are the Risks?

    The idea that a normal penis is more than 6 inches long is a common fallacy. This misunderstanding and other penis myths are debunked here.

  • Penis Myths and Misunderstandings: What You Didn’t Know About a Guy’s Favorite Organ

    The idea that a normal penis is more than 6 inches long is a common fallacy. This misunderstanding and other penis myths are debunked here.

  • Sore Penis After Sex? 6 Things You Can Do Now to Relieve the Pain

    A sore member after sex is a happy problem to have. There’s discomfort and aching, but at least getting it sore was fun! To get ready for the next round, here are a few tips for healing relieving the pain.

  • Smooth Penis Skin: Why It’s Important and How to Get It

    A smooth penis is a happy penis. With improved sensitivity, a welcoming touch, and a clean bill of health, a smooth penis helps any man live his best life. Here’s how to get one.

  • Dry Skin on the Penis: 7 Common Causes and How to Treat Them

    Dry skin on the penis can be somewhat alarming, but generally, it's not a symptom of a serious medical condition. Here are seven common causes of dry penile skin and how to remedy them.

  • Red Penis Woes: 7 Causes and How to Deal

    An irritated, red penis can be painful, embarrassing, and cause a lot of anxiety. This article discusses some common causes of penile redness and how to return it to normal.

  • Is Erectile Function Impacted by Caffeine? What the Research Says

    A large percentage of men rely on that first cup of coffee to wake up first thing in the morning; but few of them are aware that caffeine can play a role in getting them going in other ways, as well. This article explores the connection between erectile function and coffee consumption.

  • Erectile Function and Psoriasis: Is There a Connection?

    Psoriasis is well-known as a skin condition, but it is also linked to other non-skin-related health issues, including psoriatic arthritis. But how many men know that there is a connection between this autoimmune disorder and erectile function? Here’s why.

  • Mutual Masturbation: Things to Consider

    Mutual masturbation can help a couple to learn new things about each other and allow them to explore themselves as receptive sexual beings. But they should think about a few things ahead of time.

  • Sore Penis Solutions: Some Common-sense Tips for Healing

    All too often, the saying that a man thinks with his penis can be too true. Guys should use common sense when dealing with a sore penis to avoid more pain.

  • Summertime Penis Odor: 6 Quick Fixes

    Now that summer is in full force, so is that persistent penis odor problem! Guys need to take steps to address it long-term, but these quick fixes can address it temporarily in the here and now.

  • Penis Bumps and Skin Disorders: What Is Bullous Pemphigoid?

    When a man’s member is filled with penis bumps, it doesn’t look its best by any means. When those bumps are caused by bullous pemphigoid, it will likely be extremely itchy as well.

  • Causes of Penis Rash: What About Spermicide?

    An otherwise admirable and appealing manhood can be seriously marred by an unwanted penis rash. One potential cause of such a rash is a condom lubricated with spermicide.

  • Penis Health and STIs: Understanding Syphilis

    Good penis health depends on, among other things, avoiding STIs, as well as treating them promptly in the event they do occur. In this article, we look at the common signs of syphilis and how this potentially dangerous disease is treated.

  • Loss of Penile Sensitivity: Why it Happens and How to Get it Back

    Loss of penile sensitivity can make a man lose confidence, feel frustrated, and can even lead to depression. This article covers several potential reasons for loss of penile sensitivity and potential treatment options to get it back.

  • When Penis Odor Rears its Ugly Head: 7 Causes and How to Freshen Up

    Penis odor is embarrassing and off-putting. However, it can be a symptom of a dangerous infection. Read on to learn more about what causes penis odor and how to freshen things up.

  • Healing a Chafed Penis: 5 Tips for a Faster Recovery

    A chafed penis, or a “friction burn” on the member, can be quite unpleasant. Red, irritated, and hot, a chafed penis can sideline a man for up to week as nature’s natural healing process takes its course. Here are a few ways to deal with penis chafing to promote a quick recovery.

  • Better Sex through Sensual Game Playing

    Sometimes a couple has good sex but would like to have even better sex. It can be beneficial for them to consider incorporating some games into their sex play.

  • Sore Penis? An “Alternative” Lubricant May Be to Blame

    Sex, whether with oneself or another person, can be so good that a man may end up with a sore penis from overenthusiastic exercise. Regular use of an appropriate lubricant can help prevent that.

  • Unsatisfactory Penis Function: What Causes Delayed Ejaculation?

    There are many issues which can impede penis function. While premature ejaculation is a concern for many, some men suffer from the opposite problem: delayed ejaculation.

  • Masturbation at Work: A Coffee Break Alternative

    One of the joys of masturbation is that technically it can be enjoyed anywhere – with proper care and discretion, of course. Many men masturbate at work, which can help them feel less stressed.

  • Summer Penis Rash: Swimmer’s Itch?

    A penis rash in the middle of the summer ids inconvenient – and can be embarrassing if a guy is caught scratching his equipment. Swimmer’s itch is one possible cause of a summer rash.

  • Penis Health and the Yoga Connection: Bringing Sensuality into Your Practice

    Yoga has been used for centuries as a means to support physical, mental and spiritual wellness. But could there be a connection between a man’s yoga practice and his penis health and function? For some situations, the research says yes.

  • Does Low Testosterone Impact Sexual Performance? Yes, and Here’s How

    Low testosterone can have a negative impact on sexual performance and other health issues. This article reviews the most common problems related to decreased male hormone levels.

  • Ejaculation Problems: When Orgasms Are Dry

    Ejaculation problems can lead to infertility and other issues with a man’s sexual health. This article explores the causes of one such problem, known as anejaculation.

  • Bent Penis Ruining Your Sex Life? What Men Need to Know about Peyronie’s Disease

    Fibrosis of the penile tissue can lead to a condition known as Peyronie’s disease, which can cause a severely curved or bent penis. Treating this problem correctly is key to a favorable outcome.

  • Orgasm Problem in Men: What is POIS?

    Most men look eagerly forward to that moment when they reach a height of pleasure. However, in some cases, an orgasm problem may actually make them sick after the event.

  • Penis Size and Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Distorted Perceptions

    At least 45% of all men believe that their penis size is inadequate. In most cases, this is only a matter of perception, but what happens when body dysmorphic disorder causes men to take extreme measures to try to correct the “flaws” in their genitalia?

  • Penis Rash: 5 Common Causes and How to Treat Them

    A penis rash can not only be painful but also cause feelings of worry and dread. Here are some common causes of how a rash on the penis can occur, and how to treat them.

  • Male Multiple Orgasms: Myth or Fact?

    Over the past decade, antioxidants in various forms have been touted as the key to preventing a myriad of health problems, from cancer to diabetes to the natural effects of aging. But what are these seemingly miraculous particles, and how do they impact penis health in men?

  • Antioxidants and Penis Health: The Impact of Free Radicals on Male Function

    Over the past decade, antioxidants in various forms have been touted as the key to preventing a myriad of health problems, from cancer to diabetes to the natural effects of aging. But what are these seemingly miraculous particles, and how do they impact penis health in men?

  • Erectile Function and Penile Blood Flow: Understanding the Anatomy of an Erection

    Healthy blood flow is key to proper erectile function in men. This article takes an inside look at the erectile process, as well as potential roadblocks to performance in the bedroom.

  • The Aging Penis and its Impact on Sexual Health

    As a man grows older, he may develop concerns about various aspects of his physical health. One of these may involve the impact of an aging penis on his bedroom performance. This article looks at the role of aging in sexual health and wellness.

  • Itchy Penis Etiquette: When to Scratch

    An itchy penis wants to be scratched no matter what the situation. But in what instances is it okay for a man to give his member a good scratch?

  • Protecting Penis Skin from Free Radicals

    All men want a potential partner to be impressed with the appearance of their penis. That means they need to protect delicate penis skin from the effects of harmful free radicals.

  • Avoiding a Sore Penis from Milking Machine Use

    There are many masturbators who end up with a sore penis from their favorite activity – and this is perhaps even more likely if they make use of a male milking machine.

  • Erectile Dysfunction and the Link to Gum Disease: Understanding the Surprising Connection

    Gum disease can be a major pain in terms of oral hygiene – but there is growing evidence to suggest that it is also linked to dreaded erectile dysfunction, increasing a man’s risk of this problem.

  • Fishy Smell from the Penis? A Rare Health Condition Could be the Cause

    No matter how physically impressive his member may be, if a guy has penis odor, he may turn off potential partners. Trimethylaminuria is a cause of persistent fishy smell from the penis.

  • Male Organ Odor: Poor Hygiene, or Medical Condition?

    An unpleasant aroma coming from a guy’s trousers can be a sign of poor hygiene, but it can also be caused by a fairly uncommon genetic disorder. This article explores the connection between DNA and fishy male organ odor.

  • Penis Health Matters: The Impact of Estrogen in Men

    While most males are at least somewhat familiar with the role that testosterone plays in their bodies, fewer individuals are aware that levels of estrogen in men can have a significant impact.

  • Does Low Testosterone Impact Sexual Health? Understanding Male Menopause

    As men age, low testosterone levels can lead to a phenomenon often referred to as “male menopause.” This article explores the impact of this issue on men’s sexual and physical health.

  • Male Organ Evolution: The Development of the Male Anatomy

    The male organ is a subject of a great deal of focus in males of all ages. Understandably, most guys are more concerned by how well it works than how it evolved; but understanding the development of the male organ can help men engage in more appropriate care and maintenance of their favorite body part.

  • Men’s Sexual Health: Protecting Your Sperm from Toxic Ingredients

    Toxic ingredients can be found in many of the items individuals may use on a daily basis, exposing them to hidden risks that can impact their sexual health. For men, in particular, these common chemicals can have an impact on sperm health and reproductive function.

  • Is Penis Sensitivity Impacted by Cycling? What Men Need to Know

    Maintaining an appropriate level of penis sensitivity is key to continued enjoyment of sexual activities. Cycling can sometimes create a decrease in penis sensitivity in some men.

  • Better Sex in the Missionary Position

    Even those with great sex still would like to experience even better sex, and they may explore many options in search of it. One thing to try: shaking up the old missionary position.

  • Physiology of an Erection: The Brain-Penis Connection

    An erect penis comes about because of a complicated interplay between various parts of the body. Surprisingly, the hypothalamus, which is part of the brain, plays a big role in the physiology of an erection.

  • Penis Protection During Beach Sex

    A guy wants to practice proper penis protection to keep his member in good shape. That includes times when sex occurs in an unusual place, such as on a beach.

  • Sex Problems: What Happens in Men with Klinefelter Syndrome

    There are many things which can lead to various sex problems, some of which are difficult to pinpoint. Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that can cause problems in the bedroom.

  • Penis Bumps: What it Means to Have a Genital Hemangioma

    While penis bumps and rashes can be alarming, they are often benign and easily treated. This article explores one of the more uncommon types of penile anomalies and how to cope with it.

  • Sexual Health and Personal Wellness: Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Sex

    We all know that consensual sex contributes to a person’s overall well-being, but the connection between inflammation and sexual health is not always obvious. This article explores the potential anti-inflammatory effects of getting it on.

  • Sex Toys: Who Uses Them, and How to Care for Them Properly

    Sex toys can be a great way to add excitement to an intimate relationship or to solo play, and greater numbers of adults are choosing to include them in their repertoire. Here are some facts about how men, as well as women, incorporate them in their playtime, as well as how to care for them properly to avoid potential penis health issues.

  • Penis Health for Frequent Laptop Users

    Due to their heat, laptops have been known to impact penis health, including decreasing a man’s fertility. Here’s what every man needs to know to make sure he does not fall victim to this common problem.

  • Sex Problems: When There’s Blood in the Semen

    Among the common sex problems a man may encounter, blood in the semen, or hematospermia, may be one of the more frightening. Learn more about this condition and its potential causes.

  • Penis Health and Vitamin C: The Male Benefits of this High-Impact Nutrient

    Penis health is more than a passive pursuit. Men need to be careful to incorporate powerful vitamins and minerals in their diets and personal care products to make sure that their penis is in its best condition.

  • Big Penis Problems: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Penis size is an issue for many men – but most don’t complain about having a too-big penis. Nevertheless, a big guy can have penetration issues which require care.

  • Avoiding Penis Pain While Using a Pump

    Many men use a penis pump for medical purposes involving erectile dysfunction; others use it recreationally. But misuse in either case can result in unwanted penis pain.

  • Pain During Sex: How to Help When Your Partner Has Endometriosis

    Penis problems can involve many issues which do not on the surface involve the penis itself –such as endometriosis, a woman’s issue which frequently causes pain during sex.

  • Penis Health Benefits of Exercise: Yes, Working Out Does Make a Difference!

    Often testosterone levels can have an impact on an otherwise healthy penis. In some cases, proper exercise can help to boost flagging testosterone levels in a man.

  • Unpleasant Penis Odor? Trichobacteriosis May be the Cause

    Summer can make penis odor worsen, but trichobacteriosis is a penis odor factor that is unfortunately encountered all year round. Take steps to keep this problem at bay.

  • Penis Pain and Swelling: Could it be Epididymitis?

    Epididymitis is an inflammatory condition that can cause penis pain, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms. Take charge of your penis health by learning to recognize the signs of this uncomfortable condition.

  • Penis Health Worries: What to Do if There’s Blood in the Urine

    Blood in the urine can be a significant reason for concern, but it is not always a sign of a dangerous condition. Some of the most common reasons a man may see blood in his urine are discussed here, as well as their implications for penis health.

  • Women’s Preferred Penis Size: It’s About More Than Just Inches

    Penis size can be a touchy subject for men. It’s difficult to know what women prefer, and if it even matters to them. Here’s everything you need to know about how women evaluate a man’s penis.

  • Vitamin E Oil on the Penis: What Can it Do for You?

    How important is vitamin E oil on the penis? It’s a critical antioxidant that shouldn’t be ignored in regular penis care. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Premature Ejaculation: Why it Happens and How to Stop It

    Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing and stressful problem, and solutions are not always simple. This article explores this common ejaculation problem and outlines some strategies for overcoming it.

  • Masturbation as a Stress Management Strategy

    With so much tension in the world, stress levels are even higher than usual. Some men find that masturbation can be one way to help relieve stress.

  • Can Opioids Cause Erection Problems?

    Having a reliably erect penis is very important to most men. Some studies indicate that use of opioids can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and low libido.

  • Itchy Penis and Summer Sweat: Could it be a Fungal Infection?

    Jock itch can strike a man at any time, but it’s especially likely in the summer, when all of that excess heat creates intense sweat conditions. Staying dry is key to fighting it.

  • Penis Health and Naked Running

    Running is an excellent way to stay healthy. With the summer here, there are many opportunities for naked races; do these raise any penis health issues for guys?

  • Red Penis – Problem or Good Circulation?

    Sometimes when a guy has a red penis, it can be cause for concern, such as sunburn or rawness. But often it indicates that the man has good, healthy circulation.

  • Itchy Penis? Use Shea Butter and Vitamin E

    When a man is confronted with an itchy penis, he might reach for a penis health crème. Why? Because the combo of Shea butter and vitamin E can soothe what ails him.

  • Penis Health and Acetyl-L-Carnitine: A Nutrient Powerhouse for Male Function

    Maintaining the best penis health possible should be a top goal for any man. Certain nutrients help in that pursuit, including the powerhouse acetyl-L-carnitine.

  • Uncommon Penis Problems: When an Erection Causes Pain

    Men who have heard of priapism but have never endured it may find more likely to inspire snickering than empathy. But the fact is that priapism is one of the more serious penis problems that can occur and one that needs to be treated promptly when it occurs.

  • Penis Pain and Kidney Stones: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

    Many men who have had them claim they produce the most intense pain they’ve ever experienced – and sometimes that translates to serious penis pain. Yes, kidney stones may not form in the penis, but they definitely can have an impact on penis health.

  • When Is Circumcision Necessary? What Men Need to Know

    If you’re considering a later-life circumcision, there’s a lot to think about. While it’s a personal choice, there are some serious benefits to the procedure. This article reviews some of these, as well as the risks to this elective surgery.

  • Penis Care 101: What You Need to Know

    No matter a man’s age, it’s always essential to engage in top-notch penis care. But what exactly does that entail? When thinking about penis care, it’s important to consider more than just vanity. Here’s a basic guide to maintaining excellent penis care.

  • Wide Penis Size: A Few Tips

    While penis size is given far too much emphasis in society, it is true that men with a wide penis may need to take some steps for better accommodation.

  • Desensitized Penis from Biking: What You Need to Know

    Despite biking’s excellent health benefits, many men avoid cycling for fear of a desensitized penis. Here’s what you need to know if you’re an avid cycler.

  • Paresthesia Could Cause Loss of Penis Sensation

    Good penis sensation is important for a properly functioning penis, as it can impact orgasm. One thing which might limit penis sensation is a condition known as paresthesia.

  • Penis Skin and Vitamin D: A Healthy Combo

    Healthy penis skin helps make a man’s member look impressive, healthy and desirable. Vitamin D is an ingredient which can play a big role in keeping penis skin healthy.

  • Penis Pain from Mycoplasma

    Penis pain can come from many sources, and is something men really want to avoid. Mycoplasma is a bacterium that can create a painful infection in the penis.

  • Avoiding Penis Odor After Sex

    Lots of guys worry about penis odor before they have sex and what it might say to their partners – but they should also be thinking about this issue after sex.

  • Red Penis Emergency: Treatment After a Sunburn

    During the summer, men and women are particularly susceptible to sunburns. Even though the penile area is typically covered by clothes, that doesn’t mean it’s safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Here’s what to do if you find yourself with a sunburned penis this summer.

  • Penis Odor: Find Out What Causes This Common Problem

    It’s no surprise that most men deal with penis odor at some point in their lives. While it’s embarrassing to talk about, most causes of penis odor can be fixed with simple lifestyle changes. This article outlines some of the most common reasons for a smelly penis and how to solve them.

  • Penis Bumps: Could it be Acne?

    Unfortunately, acne isn’t always something that men leave in their teenage years. Penile acne is a common, unsightly problem that men of all ages deal with. This article helps clarify whether penis bumps are related to acne and explores options to treat them.

  • Penis Rash? How to Spot a Latex Allergy

    Penis rash caused by latex allergies are a common problem for men, making it difficult for some to engage in safe sex. This article helps men identify a latex allergy and pick a condom option that won’t cause irritation.

  • Penis Bumps -- Unusual Causes: Understanding Fabry Disease

    Penis bumps can mar the physical beauty of an otherwise admirable penis, which may cause a man worry. Somytimes penis bumps result from a rare condition called Fabry disease.

  • Penis Health and Alcohol: Interesting Facts

    Whether cruising a bar or having a romantic dinner, a littler alcohol is often on the menu. But beware that sometimes alcohol can negatively impact a healthy penis.

  • Penis Size and Diabetes: Is There a Connection?

    Diabetes is a serious condition that can have a huge impact on a man’s overall health. Surprisingly, it might also affect a guy’s penis size, as well.

  • Common Penis Problems to Watch Out for in Uncircumcised Men

    While every man will deal with a penis problem at some point in his life, uncircumcised men are particularly vulnerable to bacteria-driven issues because of the attached foreskin. This article identifies some of the most common health issues among uncircumcised men and how most can be avoided with proper hygiene.

  • Summer Masturbation Strategies

    Men enjoy masturbation throughout the year and in all kinds of weather – including the hot months of summer. But they need to consider certain strategies for masturbating in the heat.

  • Keep an Itchy Penis at Bay by Staying Hydrated This Summer

    It’s easy to become dehydrated in the warmer summer months, causing a painful and itchy penis. In this article, find out how to identify dehydration and the right amount of water to consume for your body.

  • A Sore Penis and Sleep Apnea? It Happens

    Sleep is a time for the body to be restored, but sometimes men with sleep apnea end up not feeling refreshed –and sometimes with a sore penis, to boot.

  • Red Penis: When Should You Be Concerned?

    A red penis can be a cause for concern when it’s experienced outside the bedroom and accompanied by itchiness, soreness and pain. This article explains when a red penis may be problematic, the most common causes and their solutions.

  • When Masturbation is Really “Procrasturbation”

    Masturbation is one of many men’s favorite things to do. Sometimes, of course, it can lead to procrasturbation, in which masturbating helps a person avoid doing more important things.

  • Common Penis Problems that Fitness Buffs Should Be Aware Of

    The regular gym goer had a host of penis problems that he’s especially vulnerable to. This article helps active men identify some of the most common problems and how to treat them.

  • Penis Health and Sex Toys: Some Tips

    Incorporating sex toys into one’s sex life can open up new horizons of pleasure – but a guy still needs to take precautions to protect his precious penis health.

  • Penis Pain from Scuba Diving

    Summer activities, like scuba diving, can be tremendous fun. But even fun activities may carry a small risk of penis pain that guys should be aware of.

  • Erect Penis Fun in a Tent: Camping Sex

    When a guy has an erect penis, he wants to let that penis have as much fun as he can. When camping, having sex in a tent is great fun - if one is prepared.

  • Sore Penis from a Parameatal Cyst

    A sore penis can come from any number of causes. One of the (thankfully) rare causes is something called a parameatal urethral cyst of the glans.

  • Shea Butter Offers Incredible Penis Health Benefits

    Penis health is something no man takes lightly. Using the right products can help ensure the best penis care possible. Fortunately, Shea butter is high on the list of powerful ingredients a man can use for the best penis skin.

  • How the Thyroid Affects Penis Health

    Sometimes, penis health issues can be caused by problems in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. This article explores the connection between the thyroid gland and penile function.

  • Symptoms of Male Menopause- Causes and Treatment Options

    Women aren’t the only ones that can experience menopause symptoms. Men can suffer from age-related hormonal upheaval as well. Symptoms and treatment options for male menopause are the subject of this article.

  • Penis Chafing: Everything You Need to Identify and Cure This Common Problem

    Penis chafing is a common issue for men, especially those that exercise regularly. Even though it can be painful and unsightly, chafing is usually a harmless problem and easy to fix. Some common causes for chafing in the groin area and solutions are explained here.

  • Penis Odor and the Diabetes Connection

    Whew, penis odor can be an annoying problem any man! But it turns out that those with diabetes may have a special inclination to this problem.

  • Avoiding a Sore Penis from a Male Chastity Cage

    Some guys may be considering wearing a male chastity cage as a way of exploring sexual boundaries. Knowing how to prevent a sore penis can come in handy.

  • Penis Rash from Shingles? It Happens

    Shingles is not just an old man’s disease – even a young guy can get it, and when it happens in the mid-section, a painful penis rash may develop.

  • Foot Fetish? Beware of Jock Itch

    Jock itch is fortunately not a major health problem, but it can be a real annoyance. Men with a foot fetish may need to be careful that they don’t contract it from a partner.

  • Itchy Penis: Was it the Lubricant or the Latex?

    When a guy has an itchy penis after using a condom, it may be that the condom is the culprit – or it could be lubricant. Deciding which is the source determines the solution to use.

  • Penile Health and Wellness: When It’s Time to Talk to a Urologist

    Regular checkups with a doctor are an important part of a man’s health and well-being. But when it comes to penile health, it often pays to consult a specialist in the field. Learn more about when it’s best to consult a urologist.

  • Erection Problems and the Too-Hard Penis: Understanding Priapism

    When considering erection problems, the first thought that springs to mind is usually a soft, flaccid penis. However, in some cases, the opposite problem may occur. A penis that remains hard for more than four hours can be a sign of non-ischemic priapism, a condition that requires medical attention.

  • Penis Rash: Likely Causes and Effective Remedies

    Penis rash can be caused by a variety of issues, ranging from poor hygiene to sexually transmitted diseases. Some common causes and effective remedies are described here.

  • Some Medications May Cause a Bent Penis

    A bent penis can be a challenge for many men, sometimes causing pain and preventing successful sexual engagement. In some cases, medications may play a role in the curvature.

  • Penis Pain and Neurological Disorders: Understanding Dyaesthesia

    Penis pain is something men will do just about anything to avoid. One of the most uncomfortable forms of penis pain comes from dyaesthesia, the severity of which varies.

  • Penis Function Tips for Weekend Sex Warriors

    When the weekend comes around, a man is apt to be ready to engage in some intense sexual activity. But to do so, his penis function needs to be operating at the appropriate level.

  • Masturbation: Not Just for Millennials

    Many men are taking advantage of May being Masturbation month to indulge in their favorite solo activity. And judging by a recent survey, they are far from alone.

  • Small Penis? No Problem – An Extender May Be Your Solution

    For men who are worried about having a small penis, using a sex toy like a penile sleeve to give the impression of greater size may be a useful solution.

  • Scleroderma May Cause Penis Problems

    Avoiding and fighting penis problems is all part of maintaining proper penis care. Sometimes an outside condition, such as scleroderma, may affect one’s efforts in this area.

  • Can Asthma Impact Penis Health?

    There are many things which can have a positive or negative impact on a man’s penis health. Interestingly, asthma might be one of them, as strange as that may seem.

  • Red Penis Warning Signs: Recognizing Cellulitis

    Many things, ranging from an insect bite to sunburn to an allergic reaction can cause a red penis. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection which can also be a red penis culprit.

  • Does Naked Diving Present Penis Problems?

    More and more people are experiencing naked scuba diving and finding it refreshing and exciting. Men can indulge, but there are some potential penis problems they should be aware of.

  • Penis Odor and Underwear Choice

    Unwanted and persistent penis odor can foil many a man’s plans for bedroom excitement. Sometimes paying more careful attention to one’s underwear can help fight that odor.

  • Yohimbe and Penis Health

    Good sexual health is a fine goal for any man, especially one experiencing erectile issues. Some promote the use of yohimbe to help with this problem, but there can be side effects.

  • Penis Pain from Reiter’s Syndrome

    Men will do many things to avoid penis pain, but sometimes it happens anyway. That can be the case with Reiter’s syndrome, which affects numerous body parts – including the penis.

  • Penis Problems Can Be Due to Low Energy

    It’s always in a man’s best interest to avoid issues that can cause penis problems, such as erectile dysfunction. Often low energy can be one of those issues to avoid.

  • Itchy Penis? Meet Lichen Planus

    When a dude has an itchy penis, it can be difficult to keep his hands out of his pants. Lichen planus is one possible itchy penis cause, and one that itches mightily.

  • Flavonoids May Aid Erect Penis

    An erect penis is a sign of good health (and a help to sexually active men). One study suggests that a diet rich in flavonoids can help prevent erect penis issues.

  • A Small Penis: Some Advantages

    Contrary to popular belief, there are many advantages to having a small penis. But large or small, long term skill and health are much more important than size.

  • Penis Facts: Handy Sex Tips

    Spending a lot of time with one’s penis doesn’t make a guy an expert on penis facts. Check out these facts and see if they can be used as sex tips as well.

  • Masturbation Month: Handy Tips for Getting Handy

    Most men don’t need an excuse to get handy with their penis, but for those who do: May is masturbation month! Take advantage of this to explore new masturbation areas.

  • Loss of Penis Sensation and Diet: A Connection?

    Can a guy’s diet actually play some role in preserving his all-important penis sensation? Loss of penis sensation can significantly impede sexual enjoyment and experience.

  • Does Asexuality Impact Penis Health?

    Penis health is a concern for men no matter what their orientation. But does asexuality have the potential to impact a guy’s penis health in some way?

  • Protecting Penis Skin from the Signs of Aging

    Penis skin is very delicate, and thus it is one of the first places on the body that shows signs of aging. The good news is that there are ways to combat this unsightly change.

  • Using Ultrasound to Assess Penis Health

    Maintaining penis health requires a man to pay proper attention. Sometimes a penis health issue may require the use of an ultrasound to identify.

  • An Itchy Penis After Sex: What to Do?

    When a man has an itchy penis after sex, he might immediately wonder whether he contracted an infection. But often the problem is much simpler than that.

  • Does an Erect Penis Like Vitamin D?

    When assessing penis health, one of the things one looks for is a satisfyingly erect penis. A recent study suggests vitamin D may play a role in proper erectile function.

  • Healing the Sore Penis After Masturbation Marathons

    When a man engages in a masturbation marathon, he might suffer from a sore penis as a result. Here’s what a guy needs to know about healing the sore penis.

  • Small Penis Facts: The Micropenis

    Far too many men fret over whether they have a small penis, but some men do indeed possess what might be legitimately termed a micropenis. However, even a micropenis still functions properly.

  • Penis Health 101: Spotting a Yeast Infection

    Any man interested in good penis health should also know the most common signs of penis problems. One somewhat unusual problem for men might be the yeast infection.

  • Unusual Penis Rash from Erythema

    Guys really hate getting a penis rash, as it can be not only uncomfortable but also off-putting to potential sexual partners. Erythema multiforme is a skin condition which may become a penis rash.