Sharing clips on Netflix o promote social sharing and co-viewing

What does sharing on netflix look like today?

It doesn't look like anything to me.


The best way to share Netflix content is word-of-mouth. You are limited to "check this show out, it's great," at which point your friend must recall that recommendation and manually pursue the series.

What does sharing on netflix look like today?

A mobile share button exists, but it can only message a generic link to the full series, which isn't much better.

How do we empower a user to share video?

A good sharing flow should:

  • Be immediate + easy when the moment strikes
  • Simplify the selection of recipients 
  • Minimize disruption to the sharer's experience, fluidly return to viewing

Let's see the idea then

Let's say I'm watching netflix's

Arrested development

I want to share something especially funny with my friend Kyle: this clip, which we know has been seen at least 1.2MM on YouTube (I'm not alone!)

I see something hilarious

I have to share that clip.


Step 1: tap or hover on the screen

This brings up the pause menu and/or interaction options.


Ideally, the user has paused to share. If not, clicking share will pause the video.

new icon

I click the clip button 

The video pauses (if not paused). The familiar 'scrubbing' interfaces appears but with subtle changes: two new buttons

Step 2 - fine tune

The clip (the last 5 seconds, or a # we determine to be ideal) plays within the preview box on loop. We can click + or - to push the end/start by a second, resetting the loop each time to show the complete clip

Step 3 - EXPORT

Keep it simple: tap or over on the clip to share it.

Step 4 - share

A modern, detailed share menu let's you send a custom URL with your clip quickly and effectively (on mobile or desktop).

Step 5 - playback

The clip would likely load within the app/netflix.com. When it finishes, the advantage for Netflix is they can  offer much sharper calls to action such as "Play whole episode" or "View series" to the captive audience (using a familiar episode-end state).


Why do this? Netflix can:

  1. Acquire subscribers
  2. Increase viewing time
  3. Spread new shows virally
  4. Grow use on the mobile platform, a less familiar frontier for tv/film
  5. Benefit from network effects

Down the line...

Over time, we can steal a page from Amazon Kindle's book and pre-highlight popular clips.


This makes the process easier and reduces friction in the clipping phase

Thanks! Let me know what you think