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  • Audio Processing & Speech Recognition

  • Software Testing

    Testing is hard, yet necessary. It's time-consuming, yet a time-saver. Let's explore the What, Why, When, Where, and How of Software Testing!

  • Pylot

    Pylot is a webserver that represents our UI testing platform.

  • Defining Boundaries

    What are boundaries in software development? How should we work with them?

  • Product Development

  • Software Contraption

    During this talk, we'll demo a contraption built with software, using the latest technologies available.

  • Firebase

    A Firebase demo walkthrough

  • Practical Elixir, Through Phoenix

    A practical introduction to Elixir, through exploring its use case as a web service.

  • Think Functional

    Simplify your code using functional programming

  • Mobile Apps: The Definitive Guide

    A quick and broad overview about mobile app development

  • Game Closure: HTML5 Game Development