D3.js: Part II



var draw = function(data) {
    // Bind data you pass in
    var circles = svg.selectAll('circle').data(data)
    // Enter new elements
    // Exit elements that may have left
    // Transition all circles to new position


Map from an input domain to an output range

Axes are visual representations of scales

Functions that translate from a data space to a visual space

Defining a scale

Define the domain of the scale (data space)

var myScale = d3.scale.linear()

Define the range of the scale (visual space)

xScale.range([0, width])

Define a variable as a scale function

xScale.domain([dataMin, dataMax])

Pass in a data value to return a value in visual space

xScale(data[0]) // returns desired pixel translation

{towards chart applications}

Chart applications

Charts that interact with other charts

Charts that handle different datasets

Charts that react to different sizes

Ability to assign events to charts

MVC style approach

Abstract charts from data

Abstract charts from interactions

Design a system for event handling

Consider views

A collection of charts

Manages settings for charts

Passes events to charts

this           self

Set this as a variable

var person = {
	statement:function() {
	    alert('Hello my name is ' + this.name)

Referring to object

var person = {
	statement:function() {
	    var self = this;
	    alert('Hello my name is ' + self.name)

{Functions are actually objects}

Constructor functions

Extending (prototyping) functions

var PersonMaker = function(name,age){
    this.name = name
    this.age = age

Creating new instances

var jim = new PersonMaker('jim', 44)

Defining function

PersonMaker.prototype.statement = function() {
    alert('Hello my name is ' + this.name)

{back to D3}

Chart functions

Extend your functions 

var BarChart = function(data) {
	// Code that makes a new bar chart

Create new instances

var myChart = new BarChart(settings)

Each chart is a function

BarChart.prototype.draw = function() {
	// Draws chart

View functions

Instantiate a new View

var BarView = function(chartNum) {
  var self = this
  self.chartNumber = chartNum

// Build function
BarView.prototype.build = function() {
  var self = this

Each View is also a function

var myView = new BarView(settings)


Restructure the scatterplot code

Start by forking my repo


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Presentations next week

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