Bit About me

  • Originally  from Krakow, Poland
  • Since 2011 London, UK
  • Currently working for bank as web dev

Few TERMS To give YOU THE idea

aka   'buzzwords'   and   'name-dropping'

Current state of authentication web page as an evidence

(see some screenshots on following slides)

The result IS

  • No established standard
  • It depends
  • Gray area
  • Law lags a few years behind default reality...'d need to visit a notary

Target audience

  • Patent trolls
  • Litigation
  • Finance
  • Customer disputes
  • Divorce / family affairs
       (think screenshots from Facebook)

Technology Research

  • To show an image is not enough.
  • Everyone can use PhotoShop.
  • How to prove that real is REAL?

  • Not `hosts` file...
  • Not VPN
  • Not Tor
  • Not MITM
  • Not ISP

"What happens when you type into your browser and press enter?" - GitHub  - so many steps - do you trust your device?



  • Invest in research
  • Develop proof of concept
  • Establish a new standard

  • 0044 758 629 4279