ENVS 350

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Research Guide

  • gateway to Kinesiology research
  • recommended databases
  • tutorial videos
  • tips & tricks

Choosing a Topic

Brainstorm - five minutes

  • Work in your groups
  • Appoint a scribe who will document the conversation
  • Listen to each other's ideas & elaborate
  • Think about:
    • synonyms for the terms you come up with
    • related issues or topics to investigate
    • words that describe your topic



Online Searching

Ecol. Restoration Research Guide

  • NFS
  • usa.gov
  • science.gov

Humboldt Room

Search strategies

Pamphlet collection


Library Online Catalog - Limit to:

  • Archives and Humboldt County Collection


Google site: search

Search specific gov't sites

The site: prefix allows you to search in specific domains and directories

  • site:www.fws.gov restoration plan mississippi
    • will bring up results from the Fish & Wildlife Service website about Mississippi
  • site:www.fs.fed.us/restoration/ restoration plan lassen
    • will bring up results from the Forest Service website about restoration plans in Lassen
  • site:.gov - will search only .gov sites

ENVS 350

By Tim Miller

ENVS 350

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