KINS 474 Psychology of Sport & Exercise

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Research Basics

  • Organization
    • attention to detail
    • patience
    • time & exploration
  • online form & paper version
  • fill it out while you work: 
    • save your research
  • what works? what doesn't?

Research Record

Research Guide

  • gateway to Kinesiology research
  • recommended databases
  • tutorial videos
  • tips & tricks

Research Guide

Choosing a Topic

Brainstorm - five minutes

Split up into pairs & discuss your topics

Listen to the other person's topic ideas and give them at least two ideas of:

  • related areas
  • specific aspect of the topic

Think about: 

Different terms that can be used to describe the topic

Related issues to the topic

Your topic paper & what you already know about the topic

Assignment requirements

APA Styles - when you find a relevant paper, save your citations in APA format 

Six references - find more

Four peer-reviewed references - find more

  • The papers you find will need to provide evidence for your assertions
  • For example, if you are writing about the decline in focus on PE in primary school, you may need: 
    • evidence that PE is important to children's health
    • evidence that PE offerings are declining
    • recommendations on how to deal with the issue

What has frustrated you about research?

"Don't have a solid topic"

"I couldn't print any PDFs from the searches I did."

"Having a hard time deciding on a specific topic (I think mine may be too broad)"

"Trying to choose a topic and not finding enough articles."

How do you begin your research?

Where do you search?

What are your strategies?

What filters have you found to be useful?

What is the hardest part about getting started?

KINS 474

By Tim Miller

KINS 474

Kinesiology Senior Seminar first instruction session: introducing the KINS research guide, basic search strategies, choosing a topic, and searching for literature reviews.

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