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  • Professional Branding Tips

    Professional branding tips (resumes, online presence & branding) for Computer Science Undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. Can be helpful for programmers in general. Note: Lots of text in a presentation is bad! But this is a stand-alone resource and reference for students.

  • How to eat healthy even when you're busy

    Tips on eating healthy...even when you're busy

  • Google's Design Sprint for Mobile

    Interested to learn about Google's Design Sprint? This slide deck is primarily resources, but you can view the full slides that I use for my workshops here:

  • How to be a Superhero

    Hone your academic and programming skills to give back to the community through contributions, volunteerism, and mentorship.

  • "You Can't Block People Offline" - Presentation

    Presentation on a paper by Jessica Vitak and Jinyoung Kim

  • Ruby on Rails

    An introduction to Ruby on Rails