DEV Inc.

Improving your developer brand

You're your own "company"

Kudobuzz is your "customer"

Every  company needs a brand

Find a your own goal

What do want to be known for?

The Basics

The boring stuff first

  • LinkedIn is your professional profiles so keep it professional
  • Get the All-star profile status (fill in all the spots)
  • Take a professional profile picture

Things get a little interesting

  • Pick cooler profile image (you want)

  • Put it on Gravatar (

  • Pick a unique username and short bio

Things get a little interesting

Start a blog


  • Medium
  • Wordpress
  • Ghost

Static site generators

  • Jekyll
  • Hexo

Write in markdown host on Github


  • Write about you've learned or are learning
  • Write about stuff you've noticed others haven't written about (esp. basic/simple stuff)
  • Write course/book reviews
  • Write tutorials
  • You could even put up slides like this one on your blog
  • Blog at least once a month
  • Repost on Medium and link back to your blog site
  • Get reposts on, Hashnode or any popular sites

Don't panic

Write StackOverflow Answer (Or Questions!)

Give back!

Engage the community further

Get a Twitter account and use it!

  • Follow leaders and interesting people who built or use the same tools you do.
  • Tweet at them/Ask them questions.
  • If they follow back DM them.
  • Share your blog posts with them

Get a Twitter account and use it!

Attend meetups

  • Attend local meetups
  • Talk at local meetups

Use your Github account (besides work)

  • You could always start a project
  • Or contribute to one
  • Make sure you have README
  • Tweet about it

Thank you!