Paralelní Polis introduction


Roman Týc, Pavol Lupták

Parallel Polis in Prague
Crypto-anarchy digital freedom think tank


  • 3-floors building with more than 1000m2 
  • 3D printing makerspace + Bitcoin Cofee + Paper Hub + Institute of Cryptoanarchy
  • The first world bitcoin coffee & coworking space that accept Bitcoin only (not fiat)
  • Institute of Cryptoanarchy responsible for organizing the unique cryptoanarchist conference 
  • "Hacker's congress - Parallel Polis."


Cryptocurrency local marketing with a global impact!

Paralelní Polis worldwide in medias


  • The first worldwide Bitcoin only coffee
    • one month after Paralelní Polis opening, mentioned by Washington Post  most Bitcoin sites
  • Bitcoin (as well as Litecoin) are the only crypto currencies accepted in the whole Paralelní Polis with the internal crypto ecosystem
  • Internationally renowned for organizing the biggest international Hacker's Congress of Paralelní Polis (HCPP)

"Dark" marketing based on Internet underground & deep web

Paralelní Polis

  • unique digital freedom think tank
  • focused on cryptocurrencies, decentralization, anonymity
  • More than 17.000 Facebook followers 
  • how to achieve personal & economic freedom using crypto technologies
    • HCPP14 Opening of Paralelnís Polis
    • HCPP15 Blackout
    • HCPP16 Decentralize!
    • HCPP17 Liberate! Towards financial freedom

Paralelní Polis cryptocurrencies marketing projects

Parallel Polis Congress 2017 during 6-8th of October

  • topic "Liberate!"
  • subtopic "Towards your financial freedom!"
  • focused on true-anonymous cryptocurrencies (Monero, ZCash, Zcoin, ...) and decentralized markets & exchanges

HCPP17 manifesto

Real digital privacy starts with protecting your financial transactions. Leaving no traces. Making impossible to see or intervene your voluntary economic interactions. With the rise of anonymous cryptocurrencies, for the first time in our human history, we can do a global business and stay anonymous.
Anonymous prediction markets, anonymous anti-government insurance, anonymous crowdfunded whistleblowing, decentralized cryptomarkets - all these crypto technologies will undermine the current authoritative systems.
And make the significant change. Silently. With no violence or politicians.


It's time. Liberate yourself