• Video 📹 📼 ✨

    Learn how you can add videos to your presentations.

  • Pro Tip: Iframe Backgrounds

    Learn how you can embed content from other websites behind your slides.

  • Rotation

    Elements in the editor can now be rotated. Just grab a corner and drag!

  • Custom Fonts

    Now you can easily use custom fonts from Typekit or Google Fonts for your presentation. Learn all about it in this deck!

  • Embed Maps, Videos and More

    Learn about how you can embed content from third party services like Google Maps and Vimeo directly inside of your presentations.

  • Collaborate on Slides

    Since our launch, Slides has been an amazing place to create, share, and live present presentations. Today, we’re excited to publicly unveil the top-most requested feature on Slides: shared editing of presentations, what we’re calling Collaborate.

  • Fragment Styles

    Learn how to use our new fragment styles to show or hide content.

  • Directional Lines

    Learn how to draw directional lines and arrows in your slides.

  • Slide Numbers

    We've made it possible to show the number of the current slide on top of a presentation. This deck will show you how it's used.

  • Share Slide Notes

    Now you can share slide notes with everyone who views your deck! This is a great way to add context to your slides.

  • Tables

    We've made it possible to add tables to presentations. Tables are flexible and easy to configure through interface options. Learn more in this walkthrough.

  • Make Better Presentations

    Learn how Slides can help you make better presentations. This is a broad overview of the functionality and workflow improvements that we offer to make both individuals and teams more productive.

  • SVG Support

    It's now possible to upload and insert SVG images in your presentations. Learn more in this deck.

  • Animated GIFs

    Did you know you can include animated GIFs in your decks? We'll automatically start them from the beginning when their slide appears.

  • Slides for Developers

    Know some HTML and CSS? We've added developer friendly features that give you even greater control over your content.

  • Math Formulas

    Thanks to the new Math block it is now possible to display math formulas directly inside of your presentations.

  • Homepage Demo

    This is a demo presentation that is embedded on the slides.com home page.

  • Introducing the New Slides Editor (Beta)

    The new Slides editor is now available in public beta. It's a big departure from the old editor and we're very excited to share it with you. To try it out simply sign in and create a new presentation.

  • Overpass

    We've added a new type set based on Red Hat's Overpass font.

  • New Background Transitions

    Demo of new background transitions that are available through the style panel of the Slides editor.

  • Autoplay

    A demonstration of the Slides autoplay feature which allows you to make any presentation step through content automatically.

  • PDF Export

    This deck will briefly guide you through the new Pro feature: PDF exports. All Pro users are now able to generate a PDF version of their decks at the click of a button.

  • New Feature: Background Images

    You can now add background images to individual slides. This presentation will give you a brief look at how that works.

  • Welcome to Slides

    We're happy to announce the launch of Slides. This deck will give you a brief walkthrough of the product.