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  • バーチャルリアリティ

  • Ironbane: How it’s made

    Tokyo WebGL Meetup, 6 Jun 2015. An inside look at a large-scale 3D browser game made in WebGL. The goal of this talk is to give a broad overview of what comes into play when building a larger-scale application such as Ironbane. He will talk about how the project started, how it evolved, what the code is like, what technology we are using, how our server infrastructure works, how we update and deploy our game, our community, problems we had and how we solved them, marketing, the team, project management and a short Q&A session.

  • Declarative Build Configurations

    Tools like GruntJS and Yeoman are great, but they can be a headache when you need to maintain several apps. Most web apps share the same build tasks, yet they are usually copied over or generated instead of reusing them. Out of my own frustrating experience with copying and maintaining too many Gruntfiles, I decided to create a declarative build framework called Angus that chooses convention over configuration. This talk will explore the problem of build code duplication and how Angus can be used to resolve it.