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   #Nikola Novakovic

#December 2014

Me when I found out about it


  • Don' code in java
  • Swift is cool to learn but not as cool as JS
  • Enjoy working in amazing frameworks

Why not?

  • Really high end enterprise ultra complex apps
  • FB is a hybrid app, so think of how complex do you really need to be
  • You love coding in Java ( lol )


#install node.js before this command of course :) 
#installing cordova on your system via node package manager
sudo npm -g install cordova

#creating the first app
cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld

#adding the specific platform , you can have multiple platforms, for example android, blackberry and ios
cordova platform add ios

#running the app in the emulator, you have to have a native sdk installed
cordova emulate ios

There you go. Simple ?

Front End Frameworks

  • Onsen UI
  • Ionic
  • JQuery Mobile ...

JS Frameworks

  • Angular JS
  • Backbone JS
  • React JS ...

Thanks for listening!