Tor and the Dark Web

The web is dark and full of terrors


CryptoParty TLV

January 2018

Who We Are

  • Yuval Adam
  • Noam Rotem
  • CryptoParty TLV


  • We ARE NOT here to advocate for criminal activities
  • DO NOT ask us to help you with such requests
  • Please respect these boundries and do not make us ask you to leave

What the Dark Web IS

Just kidding...

What the Dark Web IS

  • A loose term use to describe "hidden" parts of the Internet
  • An overlay network on top of the clearweb
  • Provides a layer of anonymity
  • Several implementations:
    • Tor
    • I2P

Popular Myths

  • There are no "Levels"
  • It’s not "for porn, drugs, and assassinations"
  • There are no "secret leaks" buried in the dark web waiting to be exposed
  • It’s no "romantic" as the main-stream media pictures it
  • There are no "red rooms"

Dark Web Users

  • People who cherish privacy
  • Digital rights activists
  • Free speech activists
  • Dissidents
  • Criminals
  • Whistleblowers

How Tor Works

How messages are encrypted in TOR

Accessing the Dark Web

  • Tor Browser
  • SOCKS proxy
  • Torify (CLI)
  • I2P

Onion (Hidden) Services

  • Provide anonymity for website publishers
  • Routed over Tor directory services, instead of DNS
  • Addresses are hashed public keys
  • I2P works slightly differently


  • Libertas
  • Tochka (Russian)
  • Zion
  • Lots of exit scams
  • Past markets
    • Silk Road
    • AlphaBay
    • Hansa


  • Never visit illegal content (child abuse, etc.)
  • Never download files from unknown sources
  • Never provide any identifying information
  • Always assume you are being scammed

Where to go from here

  • Explore the dark web
  • Deploy onion services
  • Use TAILS as a compartmentalized OS
  • etc.



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