Interoperabilty Challenge

EduTECH 2015


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what is the challenge?

if you are a

product or solution vendor

participating in EduTECH 2015

this is your opportunity... explain to the Education CIOs 

of all jurisdictions and sectors in Australia

how your solution

adds value and increases efficiency

in the interconnected world of school ICT

how does it work?

  1. You complete an online application form telling us about your product or service
  2. We select up to 16 vendors that have something special to say to CIOs
  3. Over the two main days of EduTECH we arrange two 'tours' of the selected vendors
  4. We bring all of the education CIOs to you
  5. You get to deliver a 4 minute pitch to them about the value of your product 

won't everyone want to do this?

we hope so

but places are limited

so we have choose...


Here's what we're looking for from you...


  • do you do something special or different for learners
  • do you create new information that will help teachers, students or parents
  • do you make everyday tasks easier or more efficient
  • do you enable new ways of working and learning, inside or outside the classroom 


  • do you create data that helps improve learning outcomes

  • could you do more for your users if you had data from other systems

  • would other systems benefit if you shared your data with them

  • could you be an important part of the digital ecosystem in schools

  • do you focus on collaboration and sharing



  • digital learners traverse many contexts
  • does your solution provide information that moves with them
  • does your solution help learners to move between contexts easily
  • do you allow learners to learn no matter where they are or what context they are in

what happens next


17th April - Application form available at

30th April - Online briefing by NSIP for interested vendors 

11th May - Applications close

15th May - Successful applicants notified 

2nd/3rd June - Present to Education CIOs at EduTECH

who we are

The National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) is a joint initiative of State, Territory and Federal Ministers for Education.

The program was established in July 2010 to support the development of digital learning infrastructure nationally and improve access to information for stakeholders in the Australian school education sector.

Remember: We're here to help. If you have a great product or service idea, but want to know more about how to make it a part of the connected digital eco-system in schools, we offer tools, training & project support so get in touch.

key links & contacts

Official EduTECH registration page (includes EOI checkbox for the Interoperability Challenge):

Application Form for Interoperability Challenge (online survey via survey monkey):

NSIP Website: 

For more information contact us at: ​and look for updates on

Follow us for updates at:

good luck

we look forward to seeing you all at

EduTECH 2015

come and find us at

Stand No. 77

in the exhibition hall