Interoperability Challenge


NEW for 2016

  • Keep it Simple
  • Really, Really Simple
  • Focus on A problem

Just One Problem

  • You have lots of features
  • But tell us about one real problem
  • And tell us how you solve it

Define the Problem

  • Tell us what it is
  • Make it real:
    • What actually happens in the classroom or the school
    • How does it affect teachers and students
    • What is the impact of the problem
  • Tell us the evidence:
    • The more real world and less hypothetical the better
    • What prompted you to solve this problem; research, feedback, customer requests...

Describe the Solution

  • Keep the focus on the one problem
  • Tell us how you solve it
  • Tell us how it makes an improvement for your users

Show the Outcome

  • Make it Real:
    • Give examples
    • Evidence of improvement - 
      • Outcomes
      • Efficiency
  • Give us customer stories
    • People used to do this...
    • ...now they can do this
  • Be as concrete as you can...

For Example...

  • Don't say:
    • We improve collaboration
  • Do say:
    • Multiple teachers can provide feedback to a student on their work quickly and easily
  • Don't say:
    • We improve staff allocation processes
  • Do say:
    • In one of our schools, the process of finding available teachers is done in 10 minutes, instead of 2 hours

In Short

  • Focus on one core problem
  • Describe how you solve it
  • Keep it real, and give examples

If your problem and response

are interesting

then CIOs will come back to talk

about the rest of your


There's one last thing

  • This is the Interoperability Challenge
  • We always want to hear about:
    • How your solution can link to other sources of information
    • How you can form part of a portfolio of products that schools can use together for maximum value
    • Any existing links or integrations that you have to other products and sources of information.  

The Process


Any Questions?

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Good Luck

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