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A little bit on D3

D3 - Data-Driven Documents

Developers: Michael Bostock, Jeffrey Heer, Vadim Ogievetsky

Initial Release: 18 February 2011

Successor to: Protoviz

"let's give credit where it's due"

Written in: Javascript

D3 Capabilities

- Supports large datasets

- Extremely fast

- Incredibily flexible


- Open Source Framework

D3 vs. Tableau

"programmer vs non-programmer"

- Support / Community?

- Flexibility?

- Price

Hands on with D3

"Intimidating but fun"

Tutorial: http://christopheviau.com/d3_tutorial/

Code snippet: http://jsfiddle.net/omarsar/gfhpny22/5/

D3 Demo

"Great tool for researchers"

Intelligent Data Engineering and Applications Laboratory (IDEA Lab)

D3 for

By Omar Sar

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