Speaker: Elvis Saravia

Organizers: CSIA NTHU

Venturing into Social

E-Commerce Platforms

The kuailist.com story

Who Am I?





Founded: iBelmopan (2010) - "Marry Data and Design"


Profession: IT Auditor (2010 - 2015) - "Fraud Detection"


Founded: Kuai List (2015) - "Listing made fast, social and free"


State of E-Commerce

Is there room for one more?


"Everybody is searching for something"


yAY!!! demo time!

The Kuai List Platform


Python Worker 

Cloud - PaaS


Framework: Ruby on Rails (v. 4.2.1)

Package Manager: RubyGems


DBMS: PostgreSQL

Migrating to: Amazon RDS

Image Repository: Amazon S3


Hosted on: Heroku 

A platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build and run applications

entirely in the cloud.


Front-end Framework: Bootstrap 

A framework to quickly build interfaces

in a few lines of code.

    = f.input :body, input_html: { class: 'form-control'}
= f.button :submit, class: "btn btn-primary"




There is a Gem for everything!

Gamification, sign up forms, concurrency, messaging &

mailing, attachments, threading, payments, ...

Where to store my Data?

1. Secured

2. Easily Accessible

Totally depends on your requirements

3. Convenience

4. Scalable

Every service comes with an API

"A window of opportunities"

1. Some API documentations are toooooooo loooooooong...

2. Test any API for practice sake 

3. Build your own API 

Facebook Graph API

Facebook Graph API Policies

"Being rejected twice doesn't mean giving up"


"I seriously mean it!"

First Mover advantage

"Always make a move with a strategy"

Giving back to the Community

1. Building your own libraries and making them public

2. Participate on StackOverflow 

3. Share and Collaborate your projects and code

"Learn by teaching"

What's next?

1. Analytics

2. Scaling?

5. Machine Learning to improve categorization & recommendation

3. Groups (for store owners)

4. Improve content discovery 

6. Crowdsourcing solutions

"Once you've started, the possibilities are endless"



By Elvis Saravia