• Computing for decentralized systems

  • UJA Informática 2017

  • Flexbox: The yoga of CSS

    Slides for workshop at the 3rd Developers@CERN Forum

  • Indico front-end

    The before and after of Indico front-end technologies

  • The path of code linting

    Slides for CERN IT Lightning Talks about code linting

  • CERN Webfest 2016: Git gud

    Slides for short Git hands-on

  • CERN Webfest 2016: Let's make a bot

  • Jupyter Notebook

    A lightning talk on Jupyter Notebook

  • .dotfiles

    A lightning talk about how I deal with dotfiles across computers

  • THE Port - Blindstore weekly 1

    Icons from the Noun Project: Handshake by Wesley Hare, Question by Martin Delin, Sketchbook by Edward Boatman

  • Blindstore