Maker movement

in the Middle East

CC-BY-SA Pawel Chojnacki @ 6th Offtopicarium

About me

University Dropout

Former student of Neuroinformatics and Philosophy at the 
University of Warsaw

Warsaw Hackerspace

member and activist

member, OpenBCI project coordinator

Software engineer

Fullstack developer using Python,
Javascript and C

Cybersecurity educator

promoting the knowledge of
IT security for regular people

What is a Makerspace?

Makerspace ≈ Hackerspace ≈ FabLab

How I started my journey with the Middle East

Bilal Ghalib

Between fanaticism and megacorps




Fab Lab Egypt

Cairo Hackerspace

Giza Hackerspace

 El Minya Hackerspace

Alexandria Hackerspace


فكرة (fikra) - idea, concept

A place for ideas

Geiger trip

with cooperation with Tokyo Hackerspace

startups among flying bullets


Iliana Montauk

Partners for Sustainable Development

Sabri Saidam

Maker movement in the Middle East

By Pawel Chojnacki

Maker movement in the Middle East

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