Peter Chamberlin


Performance is not a technical problem

LdnWebPerf - 8th December 2015, pt2

For the most part sound, but:

  • Uninformed optimisations
  • Sometimes counterproductive

 What about those principles?

 Elephants in the room

Major performance issues were outside our direct control

  • Advertising
  • Fig.js

 Technical debt

Several of the hard things that are left to fix are technical debt

  • Bloated JS
  • Bloated CSS

Architecture choices that didn't scale


is not a technical problem

 Making the case

  • Get hold of the best tools you can
  • Identify metrics and KPIs that resonate
  • Compare yourselves to the competition

 Raise awareness

  • Make the work visible with dashboards
  • Encourage performance champions
  • Invite colleagues to LdnWebPerf ;)

 Be proactive

There's a limit to how much you can go back and fix later on.


Being reactive is:

  • Fine for low hanging fruit
  • Less so for intractable problems


Build a culture around performance.

 Make it sustainable

  • Work with UX and designers
  • Audience and analytics teams
  • Set and share performance budgets
  • Measure and act



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