All about the Media Initiative!!!

(for people who already know most of this shit)


a.k.a., the gits you can blame


  • marcoscano (subsystem maintainer)
  • seanB (also a subsystem maintainer)
  • chr.fritsch (also also a subsystem maintainer)
  • samuel.mortenson, sometimes
  • slashrsm (unseen presence)
  • and ME! (me, me, me...also a subsystem maintainer)


  • Gábor
  • xjm
  • Alex Pott
  • webchick (sometimes, for UI stuff)


  • Build a solid API for handling media in Drupal DONE!
  • Support local images and other file types DONE!
  • Support remote media, mainly videos DONE!
  • Build a nice user-facing library for reusing media DONE!
  • Let users create new media, local (done!) or remote, from node forms
  • Let users embed media into WYSIWYG content
  • Add Media to Standard, replacing File and Image modules


8.4: Stable Media module lands!!! =D

...with no UI

8.5: Media module declared safe for public consumption!!!

...but it has a sad-bastard UI that makes kittens weep

8.6: Experimental media library lands!!!

...with a gorgeous UI!

Also 8.6: oEmbed support lands!!!

...and it fucking works with YouTube out of the box!


8.7: WYSIWYG integration

  • Top priority
  • Blocker for Media being included in Standard
  • Currently Wim and me
  • Can maybe get an input filter into core by Christmas
  • Hopefully a CKEditor widget/interface in Q1
  • Barcelona sprint focus

also 8.7: Add YouTube videos to media library on a node form

  • Currently authored by me
  • Patch exists, needs review from UX, product managers, and coders
  • New feature in an experimental module
  • No API changes
  • Continuous review = could land by Christmas

8.8: Replace File and Image

  • Still no clear plan of action
  • A migration path is needed, but what kind?
  • How can we deprecate File and Image in 8.8?
  • Some UX questions to resolve, because configuring media is relatively complicated
  • Until we at least answer these questions, Media cannot be in Standard


this is the part that sucks

  • Migration path may be delayed/blocked without WYSIWYG support
  • ...which has some technical unknowns (is Entity Embed stable enough for core?)
  • ...and no real designs/mockups
  • Not enough brainpower (can we just clone Sam)?
  • UX resourcing is a bit sketchy
  • There are UX/a11y blockers to "Standard-ready" Media, and no clear resourcing to fix them
  • Content Moderation support is a nest of invisible dragons


  • Barcelona sprint in Dec. should advance 8.7 goals considerably
  • seanB can contract with us in 2019
  • DrupalCon will be post-8.7, so sprint/solidify migration plan there?


  • Contract with Sean in Q1
  • Create a coherent plan for UX/a11y blockers
  • Create a plan for Content Moderation support
  • Get continuous review on external media patch for Media library
  • Onboard a new developer to learn the code and supplement the "old guard"
  • How 'bout hiring an a11y expert into OctoDAT?
  • Continue to give us money and send us places


Media Initiative

By Adam G-H

Media Initiative

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