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  • Typography, Accessibility testing and Tricks of the trade - tools and techniques that could come in handy

    #IfTech20 – online #9, 19 NovemberThis talk will both demonstrate the pains a developer have with the designer when the developer implements typography design. Ever wondered why the distance between a title and the text says 30px in the sketch, but it won't line up with your html and css? Well, this talk will make you understand why, and how to fix this :) Also addressing accessibility testing for developers. How to test your application for accessibility issues with ease! I will also disclose to you what my normal day look like as a developer for If's Design Systems. I will share tools, tricks and techniques that helps a lot with my workload

  • Tools for your design system - Part One

    This is a series of lightning talks direct towards tools and methods to enhance your design system documentation from a technical perspective

  • The technical perspective of communicating design with a design system

    Today, more and more development is done in tight relation with designers and UX-designer, triggering the need for a design system that is tightly coupled with both design and code. Up until recent years, the design communication has gone one way, from the designers to the developers. This talk covers the process I came up with on securing design/develop communication both ways when building a design system. We will cover generation of preprocessor styles with design tokens, generating sketchfiles with for the designers and how we generate our design systems continuously. I will also cover the importance of a design system and on how we make sure the documentation is clear, understandable and how we emphasize the end user AND the user of the design system. With weight on accessibility for the end user, how we create documentation examples and the technical aspects tied into the design system.

  • If Design System Workshop Riga

  • Talk at Design System Days 2020

    En talk om hvordan vi lager designsystemer hos kunden

  • Guybrush Workshop Stockholm

  • How we make design systems at If

    A talk about how we make design systems at If

  • vid-design-implementation-kickoff

  • Hvordan vi lager designsystemer hos kunden

    En talk om hvordan vi lager designsystemer hos kunden

  • Relax - an introductory workshop

  • Accessibility testing for developers

  • Future Interfaces

    A keynote ...

  • Universell utforming

  • Estimates Schmestimates

    Or how to make sure you really go over budget

  • Hvorfor skal jeg bruke tid på dette?

    Et lite foredrag om tidsbesparelse ved bruk av automatiserte oppgaver for bygging av frontend-kode