What is React Native?

Conference: first impression


Great speakers from well-known companies

1st day


  • Keynote
  • Rapid React Native
  • React Native, the native bits
  • When “Good Enough” Just Isn’t Good Enough
  • Home automation with React Native and Raspberry Pi
  • Building of Snack - The React Native Playground
  • Going Over The Speed Limit - Synchronous Rendering in React Native
  • Building native modules for React Native
  • Composable Native APIs
  • React developer? Great! How are your production skills?

Lightning talks

  • React Native and Badoo: story of a massive experiment
  • Scaffolding plugins for React Native
  • What is RNRF (react-native-router-flux)?
  • Introducing the React Native Builder
  • How Skyscanner Tests RN Bridges on iOS
  • Why does component-based styling for React Native make sense

2nd day


  • Practical hacks for delightful interactions
  • Reasonable React Native
  • Cross Platform & Beyond
  • Integrating React Native into an existing native codebase
  • Building a Product with React Native
  • Network layer in React Native
  • Getting into Physical web with React of Things
  • Scaling Mobile Development with React Native
  • Offline first applications in React Native done well
  • React Native Payments: Bringing the Payment Request API to React Native
  • Automate your React Native world with fastlane
  • Q&A panel



  • Ignite, fastlane, Snack, BuilderX (https://builderx.io)
  • react-native-create-library

  • Payments API

  • Detox (EarlGrey, Espresso), Reactotron, XHRInterceptor
  • GraphQL, styled-components, NativeBase

Techniques / philosophy

  • shipping to production is just the beginning of the project
  • gradually introduce UI changes, don't redesign aggresively
  • user needs > ideal code
  • offline-first, cache, network requests batching, lazy loading modules, gradual data migration, etc.
  • have native developers in your team
  • gradually test performance of your app
  • measure all the things!

Sample photos


  • https://blog.callstack.io/react-native-eu-2017-photos-1e0a7b032802
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=453oKJAqfy0&list=PLzUKC1ci01h_hkn7_KoFA-Au0DXLAQZR7


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