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We Make Owning A German Car More Affordable

A car is not a cheap investment; in fact it is quite a costly investment. You should take proper care of it, so that it will continue to give you good services for a long time to come. To keep your car in good condition, you should take it for regular maintenance and repairing services. Proper maintenance of each and every part of the car is quite vital, so that the car will continue to offer you very good services. These services may involve oil change, engine repair and other services which the vehicle may need. It is not that you should take the vehicle for repairing only when it faces some major problem. In fact you should take it for servicing at regular intervals so that it will be in proper condition for years to come and will continue to give you the required services efficiently and effectively.

We Are Your German Car Solution

German cars are expensive to buy new and when they break or need maintenance they are expensive to repair. The parts are expensive and the amount of time it takes to make the repairs can be extensive. They also require a wide assortment of expensive tools to make the repair.

When you take your German car to a dealer for service or repair you get OEM quality parts, factory-trained technicians, loaner cars, free food and a free detail. Some dealers even offer a pickup and delivery service.


All these amenities come at a high price that you pay for. Most dealers need to make over a Million Dollars each month just to pay the bills. Just about everyone there gets paid on some sort of commission basis, including technicians who get paid on a flat rate basis and the service writer who gets paid a percentage of the cash work they sell.

Unlike most dealers, we don't need to make over $1 Million each month just to keep the lights on. By keeping our overhead costs low, in most cases we are able to repair your German vehicle for 50% less than any written dealer quote using the same quality parts and level of service.

Audi Repair

Our goal is to help frustrated Audi owners skip the dealer run around and reduce their repair and maintenance costs by 50%.

We are able reduce your repair costs by being able to offer you more options than the dealer and our 30-plus years of hands-on product knowledge allows us to find the root cause of your problem fast.

We can offer our customers many parts and repair options that the dealer can't and will not offer you.

Porsche Repair

Our goal is to help frustrated Porsche owners skip the dealer run around and reduce their repair and maintenance costs by 50%.

Depending on your individual budget we can source a variety of discounted and used parts options. We can also repair engines and transmissions when the dealer will only offer the option to replace them with a new engine or transmission.

Volkswagen Repair

Our goal is to help frustrated Volkswagen owners skip the dealer run around and reduce their repair and maintenance costs by 50%.

It doesn't matter whether you need timing chains replaced on your VR6 Jetta or a timing belt replaced on your new TDI Sport wagon. We can save you a considerable amount of money compared to what the dealer will charge.


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