Your school brand and website are more important than ever.

Boosts school pride with community.

Shows the caliber of Spring Lake Public Schools.

Helps student retention and attraction.

So why Revel?

Unique process that builds consensus with your team, the community, and the students.

Recent experience with K-12 branding and web with great results.... No hoping you chose right.

We create great brands and websites all the time – with one team and under one roof.

Our K-12 website package is a win-win. A unique design to SLPS that's easy to afford.

Honestly, you get our best.
We have three rules to make sure of that.

They’re pretty simple;
even we can remember them.

Do things really, really well.

Care as much as others.

Revel in everything you do.

(the short version)

Listen to the community.

We don't do this thing alone. We hear what the community wants.

Make a plan.

Using the info gathered, we make a plan for the site and brand.

The Creative

We involve students in the creative process to give them real-world experience.

The Presentation

We explore multiple designs and present you with several options.

The Excitement

You love the
idea stuff.

The Roll-out

We make any revisions and plan a roll-out strategy for the brand and new website.

The Results

We both want results. Because you involved the community,
they support the new brand
and website.

The Revelry

We love you.
We high-five.

We think it’s important to have
fun at work, and when we have fun, you have fun.

Having fun is fun. 

let's see some work.

Case Study: Oakridge Public Schools

They were using 16 different logos.

They had an outdated and amateur website.

They now have one brand and new site.