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We operate to the level of our belief not potential



B - Expanding your BELIEFS
E - Controlling your EMOTIONS
S -Positive SELF TALK
T- Mastering your THOUGHTS

These four things will change your life!

sources of beliefs





beliefs come from words and images of what we believe should be




You are who you believe you are 

get up!

take control of your mind 








the light

the light

Turn the light back on!



will smith


How the mind works 




How the mind works


how the mind works


  • Perception Through  Our Senses
  • Association 
  • Evaluation
  • Making Decisions 


How the mind works


  • Stores Everything.
  • Carries Our  True Feelings  About Ourselves.
  • Stores Every Event Whether Positive or Negative.
  • Stores our feelings/emotions about things.
  • Filing Cabinet for Our Beliefs.


why get control?


  • We produce and reproduce  on the level of our expectation.
  • Our effectiveness is capped at our belief level.
  • Self-concept and self-image determine quality of life.




wally amos


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December 27, 2011 1:24 pm

Aloha Wally,

I've always admired your branding and marketing, and have used it as a template myself. I would love to buy you a lunch, and pick your brain sometime soon, if you have time in your busy schedule. HappyHolidays
Rodney Allgood

wally amos










ben underwood



Ben underwood


 I met this young man many years ago, at a convention where Mr. Rodney Allgoodintroduced Ben and his family.

Feeling down or think you cannot do something. Watch this young man to get a new perspective.



oprah winfrey


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Coconut wireless, you are keeping Mauians working....next up? Looking for an African American female, 5'7", ...please call my coconut wired at 879-7817....ok, let's do it!!!
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oprah & chaka






  • Life's most dominant factor 
  • Emotions are the fuel and catalyst to achievement  or failure
  • Potential is increased or limited by how we FEEL about things
  • Emotion puts the power in FEAR
  • Our attitude is our emotional disposition towards any subject matter
  • To reach a goal, we must be in alignment with it the goal, and feel good about the goal itself
  • Discipline is not enough for permanent change 
  • We are motivated be two things PLEASURE or PAIN
  • Infuse positive emotions to the things that we want 

controlling emotions 


Mahatma Gandhi


Forgive others


live in gratitude





 THANK YOU  by  rodney Allgood


Self talk




muhammad ali

       "I said that I  was the greatest before I knew I was."

" I said I was the greatest before I knew I was."

Low Esteem

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  • Mebelin Saylor

    Hi Rodney, Thanks for accepting my friend request. I don't know if you remember me it's been such a long time since graduation. We attended Elementary all the way to high school together. I was the girl no one wanted to know. Anyways I am glad that life has been good to you and that God will continue to bless you and your family. I saw you the other week at fort st. mall, i was taking my lunch break. Well i guess now you can delete me as your friend. See you around May : )

  • Rodney Allgood
    Rodney Allgood

    Hello there! No, I won't delete you, I only delete negative people...lol. Yes its been a very very long time since school, I get very foggy with names, but I usually remember better with a last name too. So what was your maiden last name? Im sure I'll remember, with that, especially we went to school together, since grade school. What a great memory you have if you recognized me after all this time! Wow!

  • Mebelin Saylor

    My maiden name was polendey, short filipino girl. See back then i was the outsider who new people's faces and names. I guess you know by the way i am talking that i was not one of the popular girls.

Low esteem 

accept compliments


learn to love yourself


perfect just as you are


""our life expresses the result of our dominant thoughts""





using positive affirmations

An affirmation is a statement of statement of fact or belief. Whether you know it or not  you have been using them all day, everyday, the power is in controlling, and manipulating them to your benefit . This is the secret of high performance individuals.
Here are some guidelines to writing effective affirmations.
  1. MAKE IT PERSONAL : Write your affirmations with the word "I" in them. They are only for you, so it MUST be personal. Change will only happen because of you, and what you do. The picture you will begin to see because of your affirmations.
  2. KEEP IT POSITIVE : Vividly describe what you want in the affirmation. Describe what you want to steer toward, and not away from, what would it look like if you had it  now.

using affirmations

4. WRITE IT IN THE PRESENT TENSE : Make use of your imagination, affirmations MUST be written as if it is happening right now.
5. DON'T COMPARE TO OTHERS : We are all different, and how  you do this will be highly personal, and techniques may vary.
6. USE WORDS OF ACTION : Use words that trigger vivid pictures, words like "simply, quickly, fantastic, achieve, confidently, excites, etc.
7. USE WORDS THAT TRIGGER EMOTION : This is a critical piece. The more you feel a rush of positive emotion when picturing the goal, the quick the affirmation will work.

Using affirmations

8. BE SPECIFIC :  Write the your goal, clearly and specific, don't use generalities. If it's to exercise, describe what kind of exercise, when? For how long? write it so you get a clear vivid picture.
9. COVER ALL AREAS OF LIFE : Don't get stuck on one facet of life, as we don't want one area of life to run away from the other.
10. STAY REALISTIC : Take a moment, and visualize what you want. Can you see it? Feel it? Is it real? If not, it's probably not in your zone of realism right now.

3 step process

1. Read your affirmation aloud, close your eyes.

2. Have your imagination take you there, wherever "there" is, depending on what the words described.

3.  Let in the corresponding emotion (remember,emotion is the fuel)

*Concentrate on your self talk more than, forcing  any desired behaviors.

master visualization









chinese bamboo


chinese bamboo


     "How  to become  successful" 

tyler Perry

the breakthrough!!!


 "" in the blink of an eye""

by  Rodney Allgood





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Copy of Creating the B.E.S.T. YOU 3 hr. seminar version

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