Apigee API Management


  • How it works
  • First Proxy
  • Policies
  • Hosted Targets
  • Products, Developers, and Apps
  • API Management for TRHC

API Proxy

API Proxy


Policy is an Edge component that can be attached to a proxy at different points to:

  • transform message format
  • enforce access control
  • call remote services
  • authorize users
  • examine / validate message content 
  • control amount of traffic 

API Proxy


Example policies: 

  • Quota Policy
  • Spike Arrest
  • Assign Message
  • JS Callouts
  • Authorization

Hosted Target

Hosted Targets lets you run Node.js applications in a native runtime environment hosted by Apigee.


The goal of Hosted Targets is simple: allow you to deploy applications in a native, secure, scalable, and isolated environment where Edge API proxies can call them as target services.

Hosted Target

API Management for TRHC

Provide a unified API presence to the rest of the world. 

It makes sense to have a standardized link to use as an entry point into TRHC. 

Base Paths can divert traffic as needed. 

API Management for TRHC

Increasingly, businesses are also making their APIs accessible to external partners and developers. This allows those businesses to participate in digital ecosystems that may include billions of other participants.


These ecosystems can help a company maximize proprietary strengths while leveraging other participants to fill gaps, provide scale, and open access to new markets.


API Management for TRHC


•Identify clinicians, customers, and patients

•Protect against attacks and hackers

•App keys provide access control


•Protect back end services.

•Block traffic based on traffic volume

•Limit rate of calls over time

•Customer/Partner Priorities and tiers (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

API Management for TRHC

Reporting Monitoring

•Track infrastructure health and performance

•API Usage insights

•Activity reporting by API, operation, application, user, location, device, custom…

•Troubleshooting perfomance (errors, response times, service availablity)


•As program matures

•Manage various rate plans,

•Pre-paid, post paid, fixed fee, variable rates, freemium

•Direct and indirect

Apigee API Management

By Ronak Raithatha

Apigee API Management

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