the internet of things, the stuff of dreams.


  • A new breed of intelligent devices, connected to each other.
  • Automation is the keyword.
  • So what comes under this tag?

today's discussion agenda

  • Internet Automation
  • Huginn
  • Mixing Huginn with Cylon.js

internet automation?

  • Yeah. Automate the Internet!
  • Connect different web platforms.
  • Exchange data.
  • Automated actions based on triggers.


  • If this, then that. Simple workflow.
  • Connect services like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Twilio...the list is endless.
  • Create custom jobs that fire on triggers - a new tweet, a tag on Facebook, a check-in on Foursquare.
  • Channels, triggers, actions, ingredients and recipes.

ifttt demo


  • Open source IFTTT, written in Rails.
  • Track events on Facebook, Twitter, websites, as well as public transit, and a lot more.
  • Agents, Events.
  • Can easily add custom agents in Javascript.

Huginn Demo


  • Robots running Javascript. Beat that shit!
  • Control various devices using one library, one language.
  • Supports Raspberry Pis, Beaglebones, Arduinos, AR drones, and more.
  • But there's more - it supports a lot of devices that contain GPIO or I2C ports too. 

npm install cylon 

npm install cylon-firmata 

var Cylon = require("cylon");

// Initialize the robot
var robot = Cylon.robot({
  // Change the port to the correct port for your Arduino.
  connection: { name: 'arduino', adaptor: 'firmata', port: '/dev/ttyACM0' },
  device: { name: 'led', driver: 'led', pin: 13 },

  work: function(my) {
    // we do our thing here
    every((1).second(), function() { my.led.toggle(); });


npm install cylon-ardrone 

var Cylon = require('cylon');

  connection: { name: 'ardrone', adaptor: 'ardrone', port: '' },
  device: { name: 'drone', driver: 'ardrone' },

  work: function(my) {
    after(10..seconds(), function() {; });
    after(15..seconds(), function() { my.drone.stop(); });


  • Huginn runs Javascript agents on the server.
  • Cylon.js is Javascript for connected devices.
  • Mix the two. Rinse, repeat.
  • Temperature sensors. Music systems. Intelligent cooking systems. Security systems.

IOT just got pretty badass. With a bang for your buck.

automate your questions, please.