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Hosted/ Package applicaton?

Package Application

  • Setting Prices

  • Revenue Split

  • VAT/Tax

  • Payment Method

  • Fraud Prevention

Set the best price according to market and quality/properties of your application/game.

Setting Price

Revenue Split

Mozilla + Mobile Operator + Payment Provider

Mozilla (5%-7.5%)

30% of your payment


Payment Method

Credit Card / Mobile Operator Billing System

Bango is the Payment provider of Firefox Marketplace

Fraud Prevention

Credit card issued by the local bank.
Operating credit card from another country won't be acceptable.

Hosted Application

In-App Payment (IAP)

  • IAP fxpay
  • IAP mozpay

IAP fxpay

  • Server doesn't required
  • Payment receipt

Under construction

IAP mozpay

Server required
Terms & Condition have set from server

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