Collecting Online Quickly:
Forms, Phones, & APIs

Sheila A. Brennan

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media



Community Participation @RRCHNM

September 11 Digital Archive

Simple Form

+ phone number to record audio

Continue to Collect

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank

Form & Skype #

Flickr  API -> Import

Occupy Archive


Flickr API -> Import

Zotero API -> Import

Sharing Process

Encourage by building

Data that goes in must come out

Others can respond


  • Need person willing to be tech lead, but not an expert
  • Collecting portal need attention (approvals)
  • Slim or no metadata
  • Plan for more outreach & collaboration time than the online stuff
  • Conflicts between openness, speed, org procedures & structures of collaborating groups

Work Arounds

  • Create workflows & procedures for site.
    • A person must be responsible to care for online project
  • Everyone needs to let go:
    • Raw archives are okay
    • New procedures req'd for new collections.
    • Listen
  • Make time for Face2Face meetings, events.


Online Collecting

Thank You!

Sheila A. Brennan


Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media,
George Mason University