Doing History Research

France in Algeria, France and Algerians / History 31 (Fall 2018)

Sarah Elichko (selichk1)

Social Sciences & Data Librarian

Workshop Agenda:
• Getting a book from the library
• How to choose better keywords
• Comparing research tools + approaches

Scholarly / Secondary Sources

To find books and book chapters:

   • Search Tripod, the TriCo library catalog: 
To find journal articles and book reviews:

   • A subject-specific database such as
     Historical Abstracts can give more relevant results

   • Also try multi-subject databases (e.g. JSTOR, Project Muse)

For links, see: History 31 Research Guide

How to choose better keywords

• On your book slip, look at the Subjects listed for this title.

• Answer this poll:


OR citizens
OR immigration
OR immigrants



How to do this search (in Historical Abstracts, Tripod, etc.)

(Algeria OR Algerian OR Algerians) AND (France OR French OR Francophone)

1. Try this search in Historical Abstracts.

2. Then try it with other search terms (keep the structure the same).

AND (citizenship OR citizens OR immigration OR immigrants)

Choosing better keywords:

Navigating the historiography:

Choosing your research tools

Research Tool Content Focus Geographic Focus (of articles) Matches your search term in...
Historical Abstracts Articles from History journals Outside of the US and Canada Summary of each article
America, History & Life Articles from History journals US and Canada Summary of each article
JSTOR Articles from journals (all fields) All Every word in the article

Get advice on your research:
Sarah Elichko  (Social Sciences Librarian)

• Office hours, TTh 11am-1pm
   (at McCabe Research & Info Desk)

• Appointment scheduler:
    -- Linked from History 031 Research Guide

• Email

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History 031 (Fall 2018)

By selichk1

History 031 (Fall 2018)

Slides for research workshop for History 31: France in Algeria, France and Algerians

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