library internship
april 7, 2017


what is critlib?

Critlib is short for “critical librarianship,” a movement of library workers dedicated to bringing social justice principles into our work in libraries. We aim to engage in discussion about critical perspectives on library practice. Recognizing that we all work under regimes of white supremacy, capitalism, and a range of structural inequalities, how can our work as librarians intervene in and disrupt those systems?  (source)


- Which chat(s) and question(s) did you look at?

- Before reading it, what did you expect that the chat would     be about?  

          Was it different than you expected?

          (if so, in what ways?)

- Share something you found interesting in the chat.

          Did you learn something?
          Observe something that stood out?

critlib (library interns, spring 2017)

By selichk1

critlib (library interns, spring 2017)

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