Navigating Academic Research
a short introduction for SOCI 004b

Sarah Elichko
Social Sciences & Data Librarian



For example:
Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs

"Rivera sat in on the hiring processes of several prestigious and lucrative employers and interviewed those doing the interviewing, while protecting their anonymity."
(Q&A with author, Inside Higher Ed, 2015)



you're searching

you expect to find

How & When
you'll find it

Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo

Websites, streaming video and audio

Searching for keywords

Immediate results (unless there's a paywall)

Academic research tools: Tripod, Google Scholar, databases

Journal articles
Books + Book Reviews

Searching for keywords, titles, authors

- Immediate results
- Follow a series of links
- Get it from a library
- Request it

Tri-College Consortium

E-Z Borrow
Academic libraries
in PA, NJ, NY

InterLibrary Loan

Libraries all over
the world

   Penn      Drexel     Temple     NYU      Rutgers

  Swat          Haverford      Bryn Mawr

 Oxford              Columbia              Sciences Po  

Harvard       Stanford     Museum of Natural History

Swat Libraries connect you to resources from...

Tri-College Consortium

  Swat          Haverford      Bryn Mawr

Finding scholarly sources within the TriCo: Tripod

Start by going to:

Try searching for:  ethnog* 
 --- Then (next to Books & More), select More results

Choose one of these limits and use it to filter your results:
 --- Region, Year of Publication, Subject
 --- What do you notice about your (filtered) results?

Other ways to find ethnographic research:


Anthropology databases (e.g. Anthropology Plus)

Resources listed on the SOCI 004B Research Guide

Get research advice:

Sarah Elichko / Social Sciences & Data Librarian
Email questions or appointment requests to:

SOCI 004B (Fall 2018)

By selichk1

SOCI 004B (Fall 2018)

Research workshop for SOCI 004B From Modernity to Postmodernity and Beyond: An Introduction to Social Theory (FYS)

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