Sociology 50B
Medicine as a Profession

Sarah Elichko
Social Sciences & Data Librarian

use the whole map


Differentiate between:

Research    →   Larger process of inquiry
→   Seeking partial answers

Take your larger research question

Identify the smaller, searchable questions
   you'll need to answer.

>> Often, you'll need different sources to

      inform different (smaller, searchable)


Zoomed out (research):
Zoomed in (sources):  Zotero


Break down the question:

Task: Learn and present the details of this occupation, specialty or organizational form: 

(1) Its history
          When was it understood to be what it is?
          How and when did it develop?

(2) Its demographics and job characteristics:

          How many of what kind of people do this work
          and where?

Identify search questions + source categories

Which sources are best for which parts of your project?  What’s the best way to find each kind?

For each searchable question, ask:  
- Who cares?  
- Who has capacity?

Example:  Respiratory therapists case study
- Professional organizations
- Publications for RTs
- Individual respiratory therapists
- Hospital systems?  Other employers of RTs
- Patients who work with respiratory therapists

Search & Source Suggestions



  • Personal experience, stories

    • Where: Tripod, Worldcat

    • How: keyword → subject headings, genre headings

  • Clinical trials-based research

    • Where: Pubmed

    • How: Medical Subject Headings

  • Public health research

    • Where: Pubmed

  • Qualitative research:  e.g. ethnography

    • ​Where: Tripod, Sociological Abstracts

Sociology 50B: Medicine as a Profession

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Sociology 50B: Medicine as a Profession

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