Semantic MediaWiki


Toni Hermoso Pulido




a platform for tagging and curating Digital Humanities


What is Semantic MediaWiki?

  • Strictly speaking: MediaWiki (CMS behind Wikipedia)
  • Extensions and skins ecosystem that use and complement this latter extension
  • Free Software

What does Semantic MediaWiki offer?

  • It allows have structuring data from a wiki platform
  • It enables querying structured data using a SQL-like language
  • It allows data import/export (interconnection with other services) via REST APIs and potentially also Semantic Web technologies (RDF -> SPARQL)

Other possibilities it offers...

  • Default wiki revision and tracking system
  • Permissions and roles depending on the content
  • Easier data input thanks to forms (Page Forms)
  • etc.

Some applications

  • Information repositories and knowledge management systems (semantic-empowered encyclopedias)
  • Both database backend and interface with collaborative component...
  • Tracking and report systems and workflows
  • etc.

SMW & Wikidata