Fighting for the Southampton Research Software Group

Simon Hettrick


2 May 2019 - Aspiring RSE Leaders, Brockenhurst           @sjh5000     ORCID: 0000-0002-6809-5195

We've been in RSE since the beginning

  1. Who to talk to

  2. What to tell them

  3. How to get a meeting

Who to talk to

  1. Head of School

  2. Dean of Faculty

  3. Head of IT

  4. Any PVC we could persuade to meet us

  5. VC

What to tell them

Metrics + stories

Demand vs. supply

and... depressingly

How to get a meeting?

Just ask their PA

It can be useful to name drop

  1. Do your research

  2. Get to the point quickly

  3. Stand your ground

  4. Leave them with something to read

  5. Keep your mind on the story you want to build

Justifying the Southampton RSG

By Simon Hettrick

Justifying the Southampton RSG

Aspiring RSE leaders workshop 1-2 May 2019, Brockenhurst.

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