Knowledge base for

remote teams

 43% of the largest (by revenue)
100 companies in the US use Slack

The Problem

Remote tech companies/start-ups suffer from
low quality documentation

a. Rely too much on real time chat

b. Communication inefficiencies

c. Onboarding difficulties

KnowHub is the place to organize all your company's information and knowledge.

Find us


a. One place

b. Document based

c. Promoting async communication

d. Non-interupting culture

Our Solution

a. One place

b. Sales + Design +

    Marketing + Coding

c. Work complementary      to other tools

Value Proposition

Charge companies

per user / per month

We have two pricing plans:



How we make money

a. Basecamp (

b. Slab (

c. Notion (

d. ...many more


a. Theodore Keloglou

b. Jenny Ralli

The Team
Thank you

KnowHub OKThess Bootcamp Pitch

By sirodoht

KnowHub OKThess Bootcamp Pitch

KnowHub Presentation for the OKThess pre-incubation program.

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