1  Problem

Remote tech companies/start-ups suffer from lack of  documentation

a. Rely on real time chat

b. Inefficiency

c. Onboarding difficulties

2  Our Solution

KnowHub is the place to organize all your company's information and knowledge.


a. One place

b. Document based

c. Promoting async communication

d. Non-interupting culture

3  Are we special?

a. One place

b. Sales + Design +

    Marketing + Coding

c. Work complementary      to other tools

d. UX-focused product

4  Business Model

Charge companies

per user / per month

Currently we have two pricing plans:



5  Go-to-market

a. Cold email remote companies

b. Internet ads

c. Network effect

6  Competition

a. Slab (https://slab.com/)

b. OneBar (https://onebar.io/)

c. Basecamp (https://basecamp.com/)

d. ...many more

7  Team

a. Theodore Keloglou

b. Jenny Ralli

-  Thank you