Web3D Cultural and Natural Heritage Working Group

Web3D 2015, June, Crete Greece


Sandy Ressler @sressler

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Working Group is "Official"

Now What??

Concrete Tasks Need to be Defined such as:

  • annotation tool(s)
  • viewpoint walkthroughs (tours)
  • production paths

What to do?

  • Applications
  • Feature/Additions to spec
    • material properties
      • audio?
    • x3d archival or presentation
    • quality
    • metadata for notes/source
    • point to EU CIDOC-CRM standard?
    • shape searching (3D object retrieval)

Specific Tasks for X3D

  • Annotations - pointing to specific subsets of the geometry;
  • Viewpoint dependent information
  • High quality color manipulation
  • Walkthroughs/Guided tours
  • Authoring tool for all above

First meeting at Web3D 2015 (Crete)

  • Dieter Fellner - Fraunhofer: large scale 3D aquisition
  • Fone Kuijk - CWI: virtual environments / games
  • Stuart Anderson - CSIRO: natural bio scanning 
  • Sam Parfano - EDF: reverse engineering
  • Michal Foti - Italy: church model
  • Don Brutzman - NPS
  • Felix Hamza-Lup - Armstrong U:
  • Carol Desprat - Touluse France: sound properties
  • Amada Sadagiz - NPS: educational applications
  • Krysztof Walczak - Poznan U of Econ: ARC

Fraunhofer IGD CultLab 3D

NRC Digization of Mona Lisa

CSIRO Insect Digitization


Sample Insects X3DOM

Smithsonian - Scanning the President

Virginia Tech - Smithsonian

Why Web3D Consortium

  • 3D Archival Standard
  • REAL ISO standards
  • The Web is humanities greatest invention for the dissemination of information, so let's use it!


  • Yale: http://web.library.yale.edu/3d-objects
  • X3DOM modelconvert: https://github.com/x3dom/pipeline/
  • openGLAM http://openglam.org/ Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums
  • Google Cultural Institute 
  • https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/u/0/home

How can You Help

  • mailing list
  • twitter feed
  • propose a project
  • join the WG

The End

Yes it's showcase time!!