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Steve Gill

Current Work

  • Developing cordova-cli and phonegap-cli
  • Releases, Releases, Releases! 


  • Overview + History
  • PhoneGap Desktop and CLI
  • Hello World
  • PhoneGap Developer App
  • Plugins!
  • OnsenUI2 & Angular app demo
  • PhoneGap Build + Enterprise
  • PhoneGap Day + Raffle

What is PhoneGap?

aka why am I here?

Quick Facts

  • Runs in a chromeless webview and displays your local html, css and javascript
  • Easily deploy to Android, iOS, Windows and desktop
  • Rich plugin ecosystem
  • PhoneGap uses Apache Cordova under the hood
  • Compatible with other cordova based projects

Apache Cordova?


  • 2008: PhoneGap created at Nitobi (ios only)
  • 2009: Android support added
  • 2011: Adobe buys Nitobi, PhoneGap donated to Apache as Cordova 

PhoneGap Desktop

& Demo

PhoneGap CLI


Create the App

Run on Android

Hello World Demo

PhoneGap Developer App


Plugin Management

  • fetches plugins from npm
  • saves version to config.xml
  • can also add plugins via Git URL

Use any web Framwork!


  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • BackboneJS
  • Meteor
  • Ember
  • Knockout
  • Framework7
  • Ionic
  • Topcoat
  • Bootstrap
  • Touchstone
  • OnsenUI
  • jQuery mobile

Onsen2 & Angular Media Finder Demo

Created by Holly Schinsky

Twitter: @devgirlfl


PhoneGap Build

  • Remotely build apps
  • Easily share builds with team and clients
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8
  • Upload app and wait for builds!

PhoneGap Enterprise

Integrated with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and AEM Apps

PhoneGap Day US

  • 18 workshops on Jan 28th.

  • Full day conference on Jan 29th.

  • free ski day on Jan 30th for all attendees at Sundance Mountain Resort

  • The entire PhoneGap team will be in attendance as well as experts from Ionic, ReactJS, Microsoft Visual Studio, Crosswalk and more!

  • 50% off ticket prices for all group members in attendance with code "pgday-meetup".

  • Raffle Time!



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