Contributing to open source projects

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My story

My first code contribution

Final year project

Customer Name Phone no. Gender Call Date_time Call end Date_time Address / Location Duration Calling no.
Ram Bahadur 98343434343 Male 12/11/2011 10 Kathmandu -01 120 +977998989898
Hari Krishna 9898493849 Male 12/11/2011 100 Pokhara -01 12 +97793898348

10 Terabyte of Data

Generated Fake Nepali Names

Contributed it to

Other contributions

A simple bug fix on a Python / Django project.

Contributing to an open source github project

The technical portion

Look at the issues


A local copy is created at your own github page


git clone[yourusername]/[project].git


      git checkout -b new-feature

Do the coding

Read the project's coding standard properly

Push your code

    git push origin newfeature

Submit a pull request 

Wait for response from author

What if your request is not accepted?

Its not just about code

  1. You can simply report an issue.
  2. Improve the documentation
  3. Translation to your local language
  4. Answer questions of StackOverflow
  5. Write a blog post
  6. Talk about the project

Finding projects you can contribute

Sudip Kafle

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