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Student Questions...

I have a research paper to write for my sociology course.... what database(s) should I use?


  • How have sociologists defined and discussed “institution”…..  from its first meanings, until today?

  • I need to find important sociological articles about masculinity, but I am not sure if I have the right (best/most important) ones.

I am doing a field research class and need 10  peer-reviewed articles for my lit review. My topic is:

  • Italian women immigrants in Montreal, the recipes they pass on, and the ingredients they use in their food.

 How can I find streaming films about  community and place-making?


I found one on your website, but it says I don't have access.

What can I do??

Random reminders:

  • At Concordia, WSDB  = The ? Institute

  • If WSDB students mention the "other library" what do they mean?

  • At Concordia, anthropology is mostly limited to  the  c______l  kind, and is often quite similar to _______gy.


How can I reproduce the same great search you just did for me in SocINDEX (or another EBSCO database)??

You’re supposed to have access to this article, but it won’t work!

  • Wilcox, H. N., & Kong, P. (2014). How to Eat Right in America.  Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 17(1), 81-102.

when we are supposed to have access but don't

We should have touched on:

  • Lit Review and Overview sources as listed on my Professional Development Seminar course page
  • favouring Subject Guides over Databases by Subject
  • the difference between a research question and lit review around it
  • permalinks for EBSCO searches and more
  • My Recent Videos pages, How to Find Videos guide, our  "by request" access to Kanopy streaming films, WorldCat to search for films worldwide

New librarians & info staff

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New librarians & info staff

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