soan 820 + anth/soci 660

 Fall 2018 library workshops



A) What  is the best spot on the library web site for grad students?

B) Where can I find out about all of the services, resources and perks reserved for grad students only?


Grad spaces

 5th floor:

  • 4 dissertation writers’ rooms
  • Your own quiet reading room
  • Lounge, kitchenette & book shelves
  • Dedicated printer/copier/scanner

 3rd floor:

  • Seminar and Thesis Defense Room


How can you access the following:


Chew, Dolores. "Feminism and Multiculturalism in Quebec: An/Other Perspective." Canadian Woman Studies 27.2 (2009): 84-92


How about this one?


Kitchen, Brigitte. "Framing the issues: the political economy of poor mothers." Canadian Woman Studies, v. 12, no. 4, summer 1992; p. 10-17.


And how would you search for this one:

Archer, M. S. (1990). "Resisting the revival of relativism."  In Globalization, Knowledge & Society: Readings from International Sociology (pp. 19-33). London: Sage Publications.

But how can I

get it online??

a) Is it really possible that we don't have it?


My supervisor keeps mentioning Simon Springer's Handbook of Neoliberalism, which I can't seem to find.


b) If so, what can I do to get my hands on it?



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Can you create a folder in RefWorks just for today's session and export at least the first 2 citations we found into your account and folder?


Can you create a bibliography in APA format for the citations in your folder?


Can you share this folder with your classmates and/or the rest of the Concordia community?


Where can I look, beyond our catalogue?

I'm hoping to find books that combine two of my research interests: "chick lit" and cultural studies.


Searching for dissertations:  

B) How many Concordia theses from the Sociology & Anthropology department  - include the term biopolitical?


A) Can you find and download Eve Lorane Brown's dissertation from UC Santa Cruz?