Latinx Culture & Literature

Desiree Diaz, Assitant Professor of Spanish 

A project from a first-year seminar titled: Introduction to Latinx Culture and Literature @ Swarthmore College

Roberto Vargas,

Research Librarian for Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies 

Veronica Testi, First Year Student

The project: description and goals

The tools


What do we need?

"I think there is a special role digital tools play; they have given us the opportunity to be accessible in ways that we find important, in part, because we have a community well beyond our university we feel accountable to." -Jessica Marie Johnson, The Digital Humanities: An Interview with Jessica Marie Johnson, LARB.



Thank you

Our (Digital) Humanity presentation

By Swarthmore Reference

Our (Digital) Humanity presentation

Conference presenation created by RV

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